Week 4 Power Rankings - A Look Around The Web

If it's Wednesday, it's time to take a look around the web and see where the Broncos stand in Power Rankings everywhere.  With a big win Sunday Night in New England, I'd have to imagine that we are back in the Top 10.  Let's find out --

ESPN - #8 - A nice jump here, 4 spots from last week.  I think people are starting to take notice of #84 --

Javon Walker is starting to look pretty good in a Broncos uniform. He flashed his big-play ability Sunday night against the Patriots.

CBS - #7 - CBS does us one better, moving the Broncos up 5 spots --

They impressed in beating the Patriots on the road. The key there was that the passing game was actually the key to the victory.

Covers.com - #12 - Ok, so not everyone was impressed by our victory, only a two spot improvement -

The Broncos continued to be a thorn in the Patriots side by beating them at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night and my Super Bowl prediction is suddenly holding water again.

RealFootball365 - #9 - The biggest jump so far, 6 spots and back into the top 10 -

Denver's Sunday night victory over the Patriots proved it's still a title contender out of the AFC. When Jake Plummer is fully on his game, few quarterbacks are more capable. Mike Shanahan, meanwhile, simply owns Bill Belichick, having won five of six against the Pats.

FoxSports - #7 - There's some love!  7 spots and rising.  Even Kircus gets some love!! -

The Broncos defense extended its streak of not allowing a touchdown to 11 quarters before a meaningless Patriot score in the final minutes of Sunday night's win in Foxboro. Denver looked dominant -- both on offense and defense. Who is this David Kircus fellow, though? A tall, white receiver wearing No. 87 for the Broncos, not named Ed McCaffery? Just a shocking sight to behold.

GridIronGrumblings - #11 - Up one slot, but not a big surprise since we aren't a juggernaut in the stat book.  I look at this ranking more seriously than some others becuase it is more statistically based

NFL.com - #12 - Finally in the top 12, which is all Caruuci ranks before lumping teams into groups --

The Broncos can take a well-deserved break after stifling the Patriots at Foxboro.

So back into the Top 10 for the most part.  A great time for a BYE week and some rest before getting back after it next Monday Night!

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