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Sorry for no post last week, some things out of control, and I missed most of last weeks game anyways, so I didn't have much to add.

Anyways this week the Broncos were only field goal away from walking away with a tie, and a TD would have won the day? But instead they had to settle for a 6-3 defeat. With the Chargers? no they didn't stand a chance, but they could have outscored the Avs, and won points in Denver for the day, who beat the Sharks just hours later 6-2. They beat the Rockies on the day though (DNP)... and Nuggets (DNP)... and Rapids (1-0 W).

Winning percentage of teams so far this year:
Avalanche: .666
Rockies: .552
Rapids: .400 (with 8 ties)
Broncos: .400
Nuggets : .000 (hey with no games played)
So the Broncos suck this season

So what's wrong with the Broncos:

First Down: Special Teams -- Terrible, just terrible. Not only is it returns, and fumbling on those returns. But even when they hold onto the ball they don't get many yards. They make up for it by giving the other team long returns. Elam has been shaky, despite the week 1 & 2 heroics, and Sauerbrun hasn't looked good. He's probably tired though, he gets a lot of kicks in.

Second Down: Defense-D line -- How bad are they? Not much of a pass rush, no run defense at all. Every run I expect to give up 5 yards on the ground. So at least they rush the passer well right? QBs have to love playing the Broncos this season, they don't even have to wash their jersey's after the game, because it never gets dirty.

Third Down: Defense-Linebackers -- The D-line isn't getting any help. They aren't doing a good job supporting the run, and they aren't covering anyone in the passing game. Who has killed the Broncos the last two weeks. Addai, LT, Turner, Gates and Clark. Wow TE's and RB's, the guys LBs are expected to stop. Both receiving and rushing we are getting killed. Know why Champ and Bly have barely any INT's, its because the TE or RB is always open. Every passing play. In fact WR's are getting shut down pretty well. Yes Jackson had 2 TD's last week. One against a gimpy Bly, and another with Ian Gold covering him.

Clearly Williams is not a MLB, and he is much better suited to the weakside. There's nothing wrong with that, Derrick Brooks has made a HOF career from the weakside, but Williams is badly out-muscled in the middle, and could help this team covering TE's. This formation isn't working for them either.

(note: I don't remember if Williams was weakside or strongside last season, but I think either way he would be better than in the middle.)

Fourth Down: Offense -- Since Jay Cutler took over as Denver QB, he is 4-6. He has looked like a rookie, which is fine the kid needs time to develop, but the Broncos had a team that was looking to contend for the Super Bowl. Maybe it would have been best to give the kid time to grow. He looks lost out there, he looks inexperienced, and he looks in over his head.

Look the toughest job in Denver is starting QB for the Denver Broncos. It has more pressure and expectations than any other job in the state. Shanahan has done his best (and successfully I might add) to shield his young QB from criticism and from that pressure. Cutler looks like he could use some criticism. He under threw Marshall (I think it was Marshall) by about 20 yards for an INT yesterday. He started screaming at a receiver basically for slipping on a cut on the wet grass, and after last weeks loss to Indy, he deflected any blame for the loss to his coaching staff. Saying something to the effect (I can't find the story I saw the quote sorry) of "I just run the plays that are called".

Maybe it's time for Shanahan to let him feel some heat for a few weeks. That being said, he is a new QB and it's not all his fault. The O-line looks awful too, and the WR's aren't helping him a whole lot.

Overall: this was an ugly game, and things don't look bright. When the best thing I can say is "At least we platy in the hands-down worst division in football, so we could make the playoffs" maybe it's time to shake things up

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