YOU be the GM!

I'm going to run down each position on the roster and give you my take on if we have a starter I would keep.  Then I invite you to make your list!

It's easier for us than it is for Denver's staff since we don't have to worry about cap penalties for releasing someone early from their contract.  But aside from salary cap implications, give me your take.


QB - We are set with Cutler, and Ramsey is a fine back-up.

HB - Assuming Henry is gone, I would like to get another HB to go with Young.  I like the committee approach, and we should get a power runner to compliment Young's speed.  Keep Hall, as he is good for STs and as a back-up.  Being a speed guy, I wouldn't use him to compliment Young.

FB - Sapp is fine at FB.

OT - Keep Pears.  I expect Lepsis might retire.  If so Harris should be ok.

OG - Keep Hamilton, Holland, and Kuper.

C - I expect Nalen to retire.  Keep Myers.

TE - Keep Scheff, Graham, and Alexander.

WR - Keep Walker, Marshall, Stokely, and Martinez.

DT - Keep Thomas.  Fire the rest.

DE - Keep Doom, Moss, Eng, and Crowd.

MLB - Keep Williams, but move him to OLB if no improvement by season's end.

OLB - Get rid of Webster (don't even move him to MLB) and trade Gold.  Replace both with speedy LBs that can protect the containment tunnel and cover TEs.

CBs - Keep Bailey, Bly, and Foxworth.

SAF - Keep Hamza.  I expect Lynch might retire.  Replace all others.


Now consider where we are (at least considering my list).  We are set into the future on offense.  We need one or two o-linemen, but only for depth.  We need another HB, but more as a tweak.  We should improve with the return of Marshall (which makes every other WR's job easier).  The last surgery on Walker's knee sounds to have corrected some lingering issues, and I expect Walker to return to '06 form.  (Some micro-fracture surgery may still be needed to finish his total recovery).

We have excellent receivers (even in depth) and with the return of Alexander should have a magical 3 TE set potential for next year.

There is some criticism of Graham, but I remain a big supporter.  At worst he is a great blocker.  At best he is the catcher he is in practice, and needs a few games to get there (he's only been opened up in one game).

On defense we need some work, but the news is not all bad.  We have a great group to rotate through at DE (especially with the return of Moss next year).  We have the three best CBs I can imagine.  I don't know if Hamza is the answer at FS, but I'm willing to see if he builds on his performance.  We'll need at least one more safety.

Our DTs and LBs are a mess.  Keep Williams and move him to OLB.  Find a stud run stopping MLB and draft a fast OLB with a containment background.  Get at least two stud DTs (no experiments) with the athleticism to stay on the field during a no huddle, but the strength to hold and keep the line.  One more DT for back-up to use as a project/long term solution.

We have eight picks, and some room to clear for the cap (including retirements and whatever we recover from Henry).

What does everyone else think?

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