Instead of Four Downs, a rant

As most of you know I try to follow the Broncos from afar, really I am within a stone's throw from the most unholy of unholy places (Oakland). I have always considered myself a Die-hard Broncos Fan. My favorite player as a kid: Mark Jackson. I consider Dennis Smith/Steve Atwater the greatest Safety duo of all-time.

I have tried all-season, to write a weekly recap of my thoughts of the Broncos games. Yet I have missed 2 of the last three games, and I am pretty sick and tired of the NFL making it increasingly difficult for me to follow the games. It has even diminished my desire to watch them play, and frankly my interest in the NFL. Don't get me wrong I'm still interested but when the games are so damn difficult to follow it makes me less inclined to follow.

I live in AFC West territory, unless the Raiders are on TV I should really get another AFC West team. With the Denver-KC match up this week, NOT opposite the Raiders, really that's an ideal game to watch. NE-Pitt was also playing at that time, and it was the biggest game of the week so I culd have settled on that game. Again the Raiders played early so either of these games could have been graced by my home screen, and I would have been reasonably happy.

So Which game did I get on CBS during this time slot? The answer is no game. Why? because the 49ers were playing in the late game and I am also in the 49ers market, on FOX. Local CBS affiliates are forced to show infomercials/paid programming.

That's right most weekend all I get to see are 49ers games or Raiders games at home. Well I'm die-hard so I'd gladly shell out money for a package that let me view all games. I mean I bought the NHL package to see Avs games. Oh except That package is only shown on Direct TV, and I can't get direct TV unless I take out a giant maple tree in my backyard, which I rent. So the only way I get to see them play is if I go to a sports bar for the game.

Well I am die-hard, but I have a life too. Adult soccer leagues all play on Sundays, oh and it's the holidays so I have other things to do.

So on weekends where I am busy, instead of being able to TiVo the game and watch it later (as I would have liked to do against the Bears when I was returning from Thanksgiving in Portland) I am screwed. Last weekend was special circumstances (it was actually on TV but I was at the hospital tending to my appendix-less wife). And this week, well I had stuff at home that needed to be done. I could have watched at home while I did other stuff but alas the game wasn't on. But boy the 49ers sure got pounded (again!).

I am growing increasingly frustrated as the NFL continues to give the big middle finger to loyal fans. If a die-hard like me is getting discouraged and isn't watching what about the casual fans?

So in short, I didn't get to see the Broncos mop up KC yesterday, not because I didn't want to watch but because my schedule for this little thing called life didn't allow me to go throw $30 away at a sports bar so I could watch the game.

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