Fun with grades (offense). Part Two

Here are my grades for offensive players.  Again, not a grade on how the player played this season, but how much value he gives to next year.  I'm again listing current starters, not starters on IR.


Cutler: A+
The Second Coming.  Period.

Running Backs

Young: A-

Great start for a young guy.  Not terrific breaking tackles, but has the speed and moves to be an awsome change up.

Henry: B-

An excellent power, one cut runner.  He has had two injuries this year and so hasn't been at his best.  But before the injuries we saw a top League rusher.

Hall: B+

Has the speed and agility to give us depth, but not a great change-up option with Young.  Great for spelling either runner.

Full Back

Sapp: B+

Not a true FB, but more of a RB.  He can run and catch well, and is decent on blocking.  There just aren't very many stand out FBs anymore, but Sapp fits our system well.

Tight Ends

Scheffler: A+

Arguably already one of the top TEs in the League.  Excellent chemistry with Cutler, great hands, good speed and strength.  Decent at blocking.

Graham: A-

Excellent blocking skills, and better than average at catches (after a shakey start).  Excellent for two-TE sets, as well as a specialist for run and pass blocking plays in one TE sets.

Wide Receivers

Walker: B

The best receiver on the team, but you wouldn't notice it with his surgery recovery time and the stepped up play of the guys that filled in.  If he returns he will probably demand double teams and make deep field threats (further freeing up Marshall and Stokely).  Without taking a salary cut he may not be back.

Marshall: A

Doesn't get a "+" because of the fear of multiple off field incidents.  Other than that, this young guy has it all.  Great hands, the strength to shed tackles, a bruising run blocker and moves.  Will be the #1 someday if he keeps his nose clean.

Stokely: A

A slot receiver by trade, the man filled in as the #1 and kicked butt.  Is a little older, but still has three good years left.  Gives the Broncos awe inspiring depth.

Offensive Line

Lepsis: A-

Not as dominant as past years, but has had to contend with backups along the line in a system that requires unspoken communications.  A keeper.

Kuper: B+

Much, much better than average, but not quite elite.  A keeper.

Myers: A-

Not yet a Nalen, but stepped in to the gap from another position and has held his own.  If Nalen retires he should develop well each year.  Off to a good start.

Holland: A-

Not quite elite, but this guy can fill in anywhere and keep the o-line running.  Worth keeping whether he starts or not.

Pears: B+

Does a solid job, but gets beat here and there.  Harris will push him for the job.  Good enough to start, good enough to back-up.  A keeper.

Ok gang.  Rip me up!  : )

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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