Javon Walker Doesn't Want to be a Bronco

From the Denver Post. Also being reported in the Rocky Mountain News

Javon Walker dropped the first bomb of the Broncos' offseason this morning.

In a rambling briefing with the press, Walker essentially said he longer wants to be with the Broncos.

"It's not for Javon," Walker said. "It's not for me."

Walker bounced and back and forth and said that he'll do whatever the Broncos decide but he concluded by saying that being here is not for him.

Walker even suggested a return to Green Bay. The Broncos acquired him from the Packers in April 2006 for a second round draft choice.

Walker was unhappy with the Packers when he was dealt.

Walker missed seven games this season with a knee injury and second-year player Brandon Marshall flourished, catching 102 balls.

Walker said that the offense is centered around Marshall now and he is happy for his teammate.

Walker has $5.4 million in option bonus money coming to him this year and the team was planning on keeping him. However, after his bombshell, the team will likely seriously consider parting ways.

Is this Walker's attitude because he was approached about restructuring?  I doubt they have done anything along those lines yet.

Walker is showing the same attitude problems he had in Green Bay when the Packers figured out a way to make do without him after an injury.  No one can help when they get injured, but what seperates the greats from the also-rans is how players deal with adversity from all quarters.

Walker has shown multiple times now that he does not understand how to adjust to being injured.  Don't like that Marshall performed well and took your job while you were injured?  Don't like the fact that Denver didn't keep their offense centered on a guy who wasn't even on the field?  I will make a leap of judgment here and say that Walker doesn't like the long term plan for the Denver offense either, summed up eloquently by Rod Smith, "When we run the ball well, we win."

I don't believe that this is necessarily a bad thing. We cannot utilize 3 great WRs as well as we can utilize multiple TEs, and as HT has mentioned elsewhere, it is cheaper to go with multiple TEs, a great #1 and serviceable slots and #2s (and stokely is PLENTY serviceable). Walker should not be considered depth on anyone's roster at this point in his career, and he deserves a chance to prove that his injuries are behind him. Not great trade value, but I think we could get something for him, if he agrees to restructure so that we don't take a hit for the trade. First step is for the Broncos to find out how serious he is about taking his chances being put on the block, what with his second knee injury sidelining him for most of a season. I have a sneaking suspicion he wouldn't successfully pass any team's workouts right now. I think either way, he is going to have to restructure. One last thing: I find it hilarious that he would mention GB as a possible destination. Forget the fact that he was unhappy there once, but does he really want to catch passes from Aaron Rogers in the future over Cutler?

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