Draft needs - April version

I originally wrote a diary about the Broncos' needs about a month ago and now seems like an appopriate time to revisit it.  To be honest, not much has changed.  I feel a bit better now about DT and safety for this year, but the idea of starting K Lang and Ekuban at DE with Engelberger rotating in on rushing downs and Dumervil coming in on passing downs is kinda disturbing.

I know many folks here are of the opinion that we need a pass rusher more that anything.  But I think our run D wore down as much as anything as last season progressed.  The D had to focus on the run so our opponents utilized the pass.  So I am more concerned with finding a DE who will be an asset and not a liability on 1st and 2nd downs (as Lang seemed to be)

Ideally I would like to see Ekuban in a backup role.  Lang can be in the rotation as well as being a situation pass rusher with Dumervil.  More realistic, Ekuban will maintain a pretty major presence in the rotation.  Either way, I'd like to see the Broncos draft two DE's to (eventually) replace Ekuban and Lang.  

(Maybe Jarvis Moss is gone so we trade down for Charles Johnson then grab Quentin Moses with the 56 then trade some combo of the pick we got from trading down with our two third rounders to move into the second round to target a player we like (maybe a safety or DT))

Lesser draft needs discussed in the extended section  

Other than DE, our next area of need is DT.  Signing McKinley helped and so would signing Myers, but they are not the long term answer.  McKinley might be an NFL starter, but Myers should be a backup at this point.  Warren and Veal are not a bad pair either.  However looking past 2007, Warren is always an injury question mark and we cant assume we will have Myers for more than one year.  If we resign Myers we can get by for 2007, but still need to draft someone for the future.  If we dont have Myers we need a DT who can play at the back end of the rotation.

After the D-Line, I rank safety as our next area of need.  We've got some good veterans, some injuries issues, some age issues and some young guys with potential.  Worst case scenario is a repeat of the end of last year, but that seems unlikely as long as Ferguson and/or Brandon is able to get on the field.  If they can get someone who will start or play in the nickel, they should do it.  If they are going to draft players similar to Cox and Abdullah, they should pass.

After that, there are a series of positions that fall into the same category.  We could use a player for depth and for the future.  Maybe we can find an improvement over an existing starter, but there is no immediate need like the above positions.  These positions are:  RB, WR, OT, CB  The Broncos could potentially take a player at any of these positions on the first day.  This is especially true of a skill position player who can double as a punt and/or kick returner.

The Broncos might take a OG or C on the second day, but have no huge need to.  Lastly, I don't see them taking a QB, FB, TE, PK, LB or P at all in the draft (if Wilson is cut/traded LB jumps up to the group with RB and WR)

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