Week 3 Broncos Recap

Before we get specifically to the Broncos, there's a little something about the entire NFL I wanted to get off my chest. After Donovan McNabb said (paraphrasing) "Black QB's receive more criticism than white QB's." He got blasted by sports columnists everywhere. One of the reoccurring arguments is "Look at Rex Grossman he gets criticized and he's white." The fact that they are comparing the criticism Donovan McNabb, a top 3 QB for the last 5-6 years, receives to the criticism Rex Grossman, a made for CFL caliber QB, receives is reinforcing McNabb's point.

He receives criticism on par with a QB of Rex Grossman's caliber, when his level of play has been below Brady and Manning's but better than Roethlisburgher and Palmer's. Whether you agree with his comments or not, the fact that people even bring up Rex Grossman in comparison to McNabb only makes his argument stronger, not weaker.

Ok now onto the Donkeys and their miserable performance this week.

First Down: The Defensive line was brutally bad this week. Jones-Drew ran all over them this weak, and Jax was able to physically impose themselves on our Defensive line.Also I lost count of the number of times Garrard stood in the pocket for at least a count of 5 seconds before throwing the ball or running. Baily and Bly can only cover guys for so long. The Defensive line gets an F for yesterday. They killed the Broncos. His touchdown pass to Williams is a prime example of the poor D-line play yesterday.

Second Down: Other than the "Toro" play at the end of the Bills game, the Special teams has looked disorganized. Hixon, despite his fumble yesterday, looks like a decent return man, but the blocking looks bad.

The Broncos are also giving up too many long returns. This poor field position is why, against Oakland and Buffalo, we could dominate offensively and not come up with any points, and why they were able to score points while being limited defensively. Yesterday it came home to roost.

Third Down: Brandon Marshall is very very good. He is developing into a very nice big fast target for Cutler. Where was Walker yesterday. My wife and I actually thought he must be hurt because he was so invisible, and it shocked us when he caught a pass in the third quarter. We have to get him more involved.

Fourth Down: Kudos to Shanahan on making the correct play call to go for it deep in his own territory with about 4 & 1/2 minutes remaining. Despite talking head/moron Randy Crosses assertions that it was the wrong call, it was the right call there.

If you kick there (especially with our special teams) you give Jax the ball around the Denver 45. Jax goes 3 plays, not stopping the clock, gets it down to the 2-minute warning and then either kicks a FG or pins you deep with less time and the game is basically done. It didn't work out (thanks Grahm) but it was the right call, despite people's criticism.

See I can go a whole diary post without criticizing Cutler's footwork.

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