I am prepared to get ripped by this post, but I dont really care.

After a 3.5 hour drive, plus another 1 hour of detours I attended todays game as my X Mas present. The positives: I was with my beautiful wife and got to see a mate I had not seen in a while.

Of all the years I have been watching Broncos football (only 9 years so a relative rookie by many of you guys standards) this is THE MOST INEPT OFFENSIVE DISPLAY I HAVE SEEN FROM A BRONCOS FOOTBALL TEAM FROM QB TO OC.

Lets start with INEPTITUDE: I am not sure what Jeremy Bates and Rick Dennison are doing during the week but it sure as hell is not game planning!

It was a wet and greasy day in Denver. Michael Pittman played great and was making easy yards on the ground. He played great. But ALL day, they threw the ball. I am OK with that but there was ABSOLUTELY no creativity in our play calling what so ever, except to go to Brandon Marshall on most occasions.

On 3rd and 1 we run a pass play.....move the frickin chains. The pass to Marshall should have been picked off and EVERYBODY around me called the play...think Jacksonville knew it was coming. They then fail to pick up 4th and 1 (it was a small 1 as well). Any chance our 235lb 6'4' QB could sneak it half a yard...any chance our FB could pick up 3rd and short 1 on a running play????

When Brandon Stokely went down there were no adjustments made...Cutler just kept throwing to a double teamed Brandon Marshall.

This is just some examples. The play calling all day was INEPT and STUPID....but most of all predictable. Every fan and his dog were calling the plays. The TE's were not involved except for Nate Jackson's drop and Dan Graham's sign of Peyton Hillis, a very suspect and poorly executed screen pass game.

This O Line deserves better than what was served up today by Bates and Dennison.

This offense has turned very one dimensional when it does not need to.

BONE-HEADEDNESS: Up front, watching Jay Cutler throw is incredible. The most gifted QB I have seen for a long time BBUUUTTT......he played like an absolute BONEHEAD today. He displayed no sound decision making or game management skills, and continually threw to Brandon Marshall when he was CLEARLY double teamed.

He had 3 interceptions dropped, displayed bad ball security and from his body language, clearly believes the hype that he and others have created. This was like watching Jake Plummer again!

Brandon Marshall......umm....i get that he wants to make plays, but he spilt the ball again. If he had of went down ionstead of trying to make a play we are 1st and goal. Dont get me started on that 9 yard loss on the lateral pass!

Nate Webster is a bone head.....missing his assignment on the backside gave up that TD to Jones-Drew and he missed a LOT of tackles.....I cant stand watching him play...he is a major liability to this team.

People will give the defense a hard time...but they well and truly kept us in the game up until the start of the 2nd half and came up with some 3 and outs....Cutler could not convert and missed on 2 attempts to BM in a row when there were other more viable options.

Bright spots: Michael Pittman played well and brought our running game alive....we should have been pounding it all day but he was let down by bad play calling and execution.

Glenn Martinez was solid as was Brandon STokely till he left the game.

DJ Williams, Boss and Champ were all solid.

The most frustrating thing: We should have been up by 17 at the half but turnovers gave the Jags there 10 points.

We should have blown the Jags out.....they are the shell of the team they were last year but we basically gave them the game the same way we gave the Chiefs there win...stupid play calling, BAD decision makin and a one dimensional attack.

We should be 6-0.....we are 4-2 and these 2 losses will come back to haunt us.

Anyway, go at it.

I know many will not agree, but this is the way this game looked from ground level.

Our offense is teetering and not looking good.....and this has more to do with game planning and the lack of sound game managing skills by Jay Cutler.

I would love to hear others thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

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