TSlice Tales: A High School Football Story

What up MHR faithful it has been awhile since i have wrote anything on this site. I miss it.  Having been busy working, chores, and watching my nephew and niece I usual just check the site for five minutes a day.  By the way i have got my nephew to start to say GO Broncos!! haha. FYI his parents are Fader fans. 

It has been an interesting year so far for our Broncos but all in all I am very happy with how they have improved from last season until now.  From JC play to the defense.  The defense is getting there, it may not look it,  at times i find myself wanting to say every curse word known to man in all the languages i know (2).  Every problem we have on this team is correctable and this team is well on its way of becoming a powerhouse in the AFC.  But what i wanted to share today was not of the Broncos but of a high school football game i attended last Friday night. 

In the somewhat small city of Manteca, CA where i have resided for all but two years of my twenty year young life lies a town full of around 70,000 people.  In this town there isn't much to do besides getting in trouble or just kick back and toss the old pig skin around.  In this town located in the central valley of Northern California about and hour from San Francisco, Sacramento, and the Sierra Nevadas.  We are in the middle of Nor Cal besides us being small we just opened Nor Cals first Bass Pro Shop and we also have a really nice Softball Complex called Big League Dreams.  In this town Lies 3 High Schools.  Manteca High School, East Union High School, and Sierra High School where i attended.  Sierra High School is the newest of the three having been around for just around 15 years. 

We are the Timberwolves and half of my big family our alumni from Sierra.  16 of us our attending or have graduated from Sierra.  My Cousin who is attending now is a Junior.  He plays starting left gaurd on the O Line. 

Manteca High Buffaloes our the school that has just owned us in football.  I read somewhere that in Sierra small school history we have never beat the Buffaloes.  Its true in my brothers days to mine and now my cousins. 

Last Friday i attended the game with my big family.  Its was Sierra @ Manteca i was pretty excited to watch the game mainly because i love watching my cousin Pancake people. 

On a cold windy night the game started around 7:30 P.M.  The lights were on and the stands were fool of people and it just felt like it was going to be an intense football game. 

Sierra got the ball first and drove down the field for a quick 7-0 lead.  The crowd was going crazy and it was just awesome.  The touchdown was lead by a block from my cousin.  From there the game became a defense showdown.  Hard hits, Turnovers, penalties, and some good play calling from the D Coordinators.  By Half time the score remained 7-0.

In the 3rd quarter Mantecas offense started to get rolling and sure enough the ended with a touchdown.  But on the PAT attempt a boched snapped led to a missed PAT.  so sierra still had the Lead 7-6.

Sierra had a quick turnover so Manteca had all of the momentum.  But Sierras defense held strong and forced them to 3 and out with about 4 minutes left in the game.  Sierra Offense was in a hole on a third and about 9 and on a draw play with hole led by my cousin the runner bursted threw for a huge gain almost for a score.  Sierra had the ball, a new set of downs, and with Manteca having no way to stop the clock Sierra safely Kneeled for their first victory ever against Manteca high.

It was awesome the best High School football game i have been to. 

I was glad to have attended

and I hope you enjoyed this read.

Go Broncos!!!

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