Oline Watch UPDATE WEEK 8

The point of this post is to gather the information needed to keep proper track of what appears to be an all time NFL record setting offensive line.  To wit:


Fewest Sacks Allowed in NFL History 

7  MIA      1988  (16 games)   .43/game

8  SF       1970  (14 games)  .57/game

    STL     1975  (14 games)  .57/game

9  NYJ     1966   (14 games)  .64/game

     WAS   1991  (16 games)  .56/game


Broncos Current Pace

4(5)  in 7 games .57/game(.71/game)

on pace for:  8(9) in 16 games

(Per Spock's recommendation, I have extrapolated out the actual sacks and then added the single "odd" sack from the Charger's game.  I believe that will prove to be the truer mark to target.)

Additionally the Broncos are on an even better pace when it is described in terms of sacks allowed per attempt.

Att:  258    Sacks per attempt:  1/65 (1/51)

Obviously the numbers above are awesome, but without the All-Time record in the sacks allowed per attempt category, it is inconclusive to say that they are on pace to be the best.  Perhaps someone knows where that data can be found, or maybe Guru can reach out to the Broncos, as I suspect that they have those numbers.

Something else to keep in mind, at least as a look at offensive efficacy, is the olines penalty numbers to this point in the season:

Penalties and assessed yards: oline 

Harris:  1/15yds (unnecessary roughness after a play)

Wiegmann:  1/5yds  (false start)

Kuper: 1/5yds  (false start)

Clady:  2/15yds  (illegal formation, holding, holding-declined)

Hamilton:  3/35yds  (chop block, holding, holding, holding-offsetting)

Total:  8/75yds

Keep those numbers in mind next time the Broncos march into the redzone and score:  it is approximately 400% better than the same situation in 2007, and  we all know about our redzone woes and offensive stallouts from then...

Bonus Offensive Rookie of the Year Vigil 

Yes, I know this is all for naught, as Clady is not only an offensive lineman, but also a perrenially shafted Denver Bronco, but it doesn't hurt to keep track.  There is the slightest, teensy chance of a breath of an impression of a glimmer of a gnat's butt of a hope that he could get a vote or two, based on last years OROTY ballotting, where Joe Thomas, the rookie 1st round tackle for the Browns was the only other player to receive votes besides Adrian Peterson.

On that note, the comparison between Thomas, the Rookie Pro Bowler, and our own aspiring Ryan Clady will be used as the benchmark for this analysis.  And with attention, maybe they will make a point of recording offensive line statistics in the future.

Joe Thomas 

16 games started

0 sacks allowed at LT

7 total penalties totalling 40yards

one game with multiple (2) penalties (back to back false starts)

anchored oline that only allowed 19 sacks in 545 attempts (T3rd in sacks allowed)

Ryan Clady 

7games started

0 sacks allowed at LT

2 penalties totalling 15yds

0 games with multiple penalties

anchors oline that has allowed only 4(5) sacks in 258 attempts (2nd in sacks allowed)


Week 8 Update:  The NE game really hit these numbers for a loop, and that is to be expected with a young line.  The vigil continues however, and a solid second half should have this oline still ranked among the greats of all time....

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