Patriots/Broncos Post Game Quotes

Mike Shanahan

MS: Well, obviously the Patriots played much better than we did, the obvious. We went into the game knowing we couldn’t turn the football over. Any time you turn the ball over five times and you get no turnovers in return, obviously good things aren’t going to happen. We have been pretty good this season without beating ourselves with penalties. We had too many penalties. Obviously that did not go very well. The next thing, obviously, we have to do much better with our rush defense. Going into the game we thought we had improved. Obviously they ran the football very successfully on us. We did some good things early with the pressure on the quarterback. Obviously we couldn’t get it done down the stretch.


On Jay Cutler’s hand

"Well, he hurt it on the first play of the game following through. We took x-rays at halftime. It was not broken so he came back in there and played the rest of the game. So, he should be okay."


On whether Cutler took a shot to the head later in the first half

"If he did, he didn’t say anything about it. It was the finger that bothered him."

On why Patrick Ramsey played at the end of the half

"No, he (Cutler) couldn’t go back in. It was bothering him too much before we had it x-rayed and he couldn’t get a feel on a few passes there in that first quarter. That one he threw out to Eddie [Royal] you could see that he just could not get any zip on it. He wanted to stay in there and obviously we took him out at the end of the half just to make sure the finger wasn’t broken and it’s not."

On further testing Cutler’s finger

"Well, usually with fingers you just take a look and it’s either broken or it’s not. So, it’s not broken and he should be okay. I don’t think fingers need MRIs. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t believe that’s the case."

On the rush defense

"We just keep on working. Obviously we gave up some big plays today and we missed some tackles. When you play an eight-man front and you miss one, the running backs make some big plays. We just have to go back to the basics. We did a couple good things in pressure situations and had a little pressure on the quarterback and made a couple penalties there that kept some drives alive. But, we have some work to do on both sides of the ball. Champ [Bailey], I’m not really sure right now if he’ll be back. He went out early in that second quarter with a hamstring. We’ll just have to wait and see how he is."

On the defense’s identity

"Well, I think it was very obvious today that there is a question mark. I’m very disappointed in how we played. But, you can’t turn the football over. We had two drives and methodically were moving the ball down the field, just like New England. You might not score touchdowns, but you have to kick field goals. When you turn the ball over against a good defense good things usually don’t happen. One thing you can’t do is beat yourself, and with the penalties we had and the turnovers, that was not a good sign. Even the last one, right before the half. We had a chance to get a field goal in that situation and it turned out to be an interception. So, you have to be coordinated both in the run and the pass and we were a little short today."

On the absence of CB Champ Bailey

"Obviously we all know what kind of a player Champ is. He was matched up today on [Randy] Moss and I thought when he was in there he did an excellent job. Any time you lose a great player it is not easy, but that is the nature of the game."

On the team’s use of the 3-4 defense

"No, it wasn’t straight 3-4. We mixed it up with 3-4, 4-3, four-man front on a number of plays starting off the second half and some in the first half. But, we will mix it up."

On the timing of the bye this year

"Well, I think we are kind of banged up and we have a chance to heal up. [Brandon] Stokley is out, [Tony] Scheffler is out, [inaudible], Selvin Young is out. A guy like Champ [Bailey] goes out in the second quarter and Dre’ [Bly] went out for a little bit. So, we had some guys. Boss Bailey went out early and [Louis] Green came in his spot. I think it comes at a good time. Even though you don’t want to go into a bye playing the way we did, I think it comes at a good time to hopefully get some of these guys back."


On his finger injury

"My finger hit a helmet. I’m not going to make excuses. I was good to go. I had an x-ray, it wasn’t broken so I could throw; it was fine"

On if he had the option to stay out of the game

"No. No option."

On how the Broncos go forward from tonight

"You know, we have a bye week. You want to go into a bye with a win, that would’ve put us at 5-2, that’s what we expected going into the game, we felt good about it. We just didn’t get it done. We have to go back, re-group and like Brandon [Marshall] said, we have to decide what kind of team we want to be – if we want to be the team we were the first three or four games or if we want to be the team we’ve seen the last three"

On what the difference has been in the losses

"Turnovers. Everyone knows that."

On whether the Patriots defense showed them anything new tonight

"No. Nothing new."

On the Broncos problems early in the game

"A lot of things went wrong early, a couple of fumbles, a pick. You know, it’s kind of been our M.O. in our losses, anyway."

On if there was an argument about Patrick Ramsey replacing him at the end of the first half

"There wasn’t any argument."

On what can be done about turnovers and if it’s a mental thing

"You tell me. It seems to be happening a lot. It’s a mental thing, it’s a physical thing, it’s a lot of things. Sometimes it’s bad luck."

On what kind of team the Broncos are

"We’ll find out the second half of the season."



On where the Broncos are at after tonight’s loss

"It’s not good. Famous quote: ‘It’s not time to panic but it’s definitely time to worry right now.’ We didn’t move the ball well on offense. Defense when they had their shots, they missed and special teams gave up a few big plays. It’s all of us. It’s all three phases of the game right now. We’re not getting it done."

On the Broncos turnovers

"I’m not going to sit up here and continue to talk about turnovers. It’s the third week in a row of me being up here and you asking about turnovers. I think everybody across the country knows that turnovers have been killing us in our losses."

On what needs to change to turn the season around

"We just have to get it done on offense and in all three phases. We haven’t done that lately. If we want to be that team, we have to get it done. We can’t have games like this."

On how much Jay Cutler’s finger injury hurt the team

"I think [Cutler] did a great job coming back in. I think they wanted to hold him out a little bit and rest him but he made a decision to come back in the game and I think he did a great job of throwing the ball deep and short."

On the bye week

"I think the bye is going to play a big part mentally. We need a little time to get away and decide what kind of team we want to be. You know, we can be good or we could be sorry as we’ve seen tonight."



On the game

"We got beat in all phases of the ball game tonight. They were more physical, defense, offense and special teams. We just got beat up out there."

On what happened

"As a team we just did not do good tonight. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing. We just didn’t do anything good tonight."



On the game

"In front of the nation, we didn’t show up tonight. It’s embarrassing, but it’s a good week to have a loss like that. We can regroup and some guys can heal. It will give us a chance to regroup and try and fix some things that we are having problems with."

On turnovers

"Whenever you turn the ball over it’s going to be bad. The fact that we were able to hold them to field goals was a good thing. They’re a good ball team and they pride themselves on making turnovers and they were able to make some plays. We weren’t able to rebound from that. Any time you give up turnovers and don’t force any on defense, it’s going to be tough to win."

On efficiency of the Patriots’ offense

"They got it going early with the running game. They were able to find some creases in the defense and he got going early. Giving them the short field also helped them. We still had a chance even after turning the ball over early, we just couldn’t fight back."



 On what went wrong

"We just got physically beat up. Both sides of the ball, offense, defense, special teams, they just beat us. They just beat us man to man. They just over-powered us. There is nothing you can say about it. We had a good pass rush today, but we have to learn from our mistakes."



On what went wrong

"We lost, that is what happened. We got our butts handed to us. Give credit to them. They just made plays. Give credit to them. The score was 41-7, there are no silver linings."



On the Broncos

"It was a disappointing loss for us. They outplayed us from the first snap of the game. We are stopping ourselves with turnovers. We have to do a much better job if we want to win and compete. If we turn the ball over like we did these last few games teams are going to start stripping the ball from us. You can talk about it all you want but you have to come out and show it on Sunday."

On coming back to Foxborough

"It was a different feeling, coming in here to the visitor’s locker room. I am glad to be here in Denver. I am not worried about the fans. I am here with my team and it is us against the world up here."



On the injury to Jay Cutler

"I was trying to see if they wanted me to go in. I kind of walked on the field and they said get off. I think after the interception, Jay hit his hand again and had to come out for a bit. I don’t know how bad it is and I would not tell you if I did. He threw the ball pretty effectively after that."

On the sloppy play

"I don’t think I have been through one like that. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves. We will move on, and learn from it."



On the fumbles

"I just didn’t protect the ball properly. I was just carrying it with one hand. It was embarrassing; I just didn’t have a good grip on the ball. After the first one you know you have to bounce back and be stronger. So I was really trying to focus on protecting the ball. When I saw a nice little hole for me to run through. As soon as I hit my speed burst, and cut back, one of the guys got a good grip on it and snatched it out."

On the turnovers

"We had five turnovers tonight, and the coach stressed the point that we can’t have turnovers. I gave up two myself"

On fixing the turnover situation

"Me personally I have to go through more drills. I have to focus on holding the ball. I really never had a problem turning the ball over before. Tonight was probably my first night in years that I turned the ball over. I have to get better."



On the game

"We did so much to try and get them off the field. It just stinks how we played. Everybody in this room has to look at himself and try and get better individually."

On the bye week and what the team needs to improve

"We need it this week. It is better timing for me, because I hurt myself. I think all of us need to look back and reflect on these last seven games and try and figure out a way to get better. There is no doubt about that. We just need to play better and play harder. We need to get a better attitude because our attitude stinks out there. I feel like as a leader on this team I am going to tell you when you are doing good and when your doing bad, that’s just the way I am."

On the team’s sense of urgency

"It is funny when I am out there out on the field, I can’t see it but standing on the sidelines you can see that the sense of urgency was not there tonight. It is just people not filling the gaps the way they are supposed to. You make a mistake trying to find one thing. It is a lot of things and we know that. We just have to get better in every area of the game."



On the game

"We were prepared as a team, we just did not go there and execute the way we know we should have. The coach has been harping on turnovers and he is absolutely right. You can’t play a good Patriots team in their stadium and have turnovers and expect to win. I am not pointing a finger at anybody on this team. As a team we need to get better in every area."


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