Should We Trade Champ?

So a few people have mentioned it and it while most of it has been met with overwhelming denial, there have been a few entertainers of the idea.  We have to keep in mind that while football is a sport and played for "love of the game", the teams themselves are business organizations.  The move that needs to be made to "grow" the business and keep it profitable needs to be done; addition by subtraction; call it what you will but what do you think of trading Champ Bailey?<!-- TOKEN_1224705554000_TOKEN -->

Just as there are two view points of the idea of trading Champ Bailey, there are two schools of thought that need to be considered: fan-dom and team-dom.  First, let's address the Pro's and Con's of trading Champ Bailey:

We announce to the world that we are rebuilding.  There are those that think if you have 53 men on the roster, you play them and expect to win.  Playing for next year or the following year is not an option.  If we trade Champ Bailey then we are admitting that we are rebuilding; however what's in a name?  You call it potato I call it potahto.  Does it matter if teams look at us as a rebuilding franchise?  In a couple years when we rein supreme in the AFC, commentators will say how Mike Shanahan is a genius and they saw it coming all along.

But it's Champ Bailey we are talking about; the greatest DB ever and our best player!  Champ Bailey is the greatest DB to step onto the field ever; I firmly believe that.  As horrible as the Monday Night blowout to New England was, Cassel tested Bailey.  And while Bailey didn't get a pick, I have never seen such constant incredible coverage on one of the most elite WR's ever.  So many teams just ignore whatever side of the field Champ is on; it was great to see that he really is still the best.  With that being said, what good does Champ do us really?  He is great but our defense is still getting torched.  As great as Champ is, soft zone coverage is still soft zone coverage; we might as well put LB's back there because they are not using corner skills rather just tackling the receiver.  There is no safety help deep for Champ to make plays and do what he does best; create turnovers.

Champ is a leader on a defense that lacks them.  There is no doubt that Champ is a leader on the defense but not the strong vocal leader but rather the quiet, lead by example type of leader.  Right now our defense needs a strong vocal leader.  I am not saying that we want Ray Lewis juiced up and screaming and slamming helmets into players but we do need a defensive player that is dominant, knows he is, and takes control of his defense.  As great as Champ Bailey is, he is not that guy; there is nothing wrong with that but it is still something that we need.  Look at how different the defense played with Al Wilson.  While we were better talent wise when Al Wilson was MLB, were we that much better or did Al make a big difference?

Champ is one of the best; any trade value will be too steep for other teams.  Champ Bailey will require a steep price.  What do you pay to a team that will give you a player that can shut half the field down in pass coverage?  There are a lot of teams that need secondary help but are stingy i.e. New England.  However, think of the other teams out there that are trade happy and have the "win now" mentality.  What do you do you think Jerry Jones would give for Champ Bailey?

There is a difference between being the average fan who watches on the weekends and someone that follows the team with passion.  If you are daily perusing MHR, chances are you are an avid fan who bleeds orange and blue.  With that being said, one has to be able to separate from the simple "average fan" mentality.  The average fan wants to win now, sees Jay Cutler as too risky and not "great" and Denver's backfield in chaos; where's Shaun Alexander when you need him?!

We, as MHR followers, know a thing or two about a thing or two.  We know that Jay Cutler is destined for greatness and will learn more and more about managing the game.  We know that our backfield got bit by the injury bug this year but when we have Pittman, Young, Hall, Aldridge, and Torian competing it will be game on.  We know that our offensive line is dominant in pass protection, needs to work on run blocking, and in a few years will be rife with perennial pro-bowlers.  With that being said, we need to look at the future of our defense.  This year we have a good chance of making the playoffs but are not a true contender.  Next year we will focus on defense in the reloading season and it will most likely be a slow start but the defense should be solid towards the end of the regular season.  Where will Champ Bailey be in two years?  How will his body take the punishment?  How will he feel about not being a Super Bowl and seeing his chances slimming?

This leads to our next question, is the juice worth the squeeze?  There is no question that there will be a high asking price for Champ.  The question is who will pay it and what will they pay?  Someone like Jerry Jones would sign over his first born son for Champ that gives him that last little "oomph" to get to the Super Bowl.

While it pains me to say it, I think that Champ Bailey should be traded.  What we can get out of it and build for our future outweighs trading the best defensive player we have.  There is a problem about trading Champ to that team that fills all respective party's needs.  However, whoever is serious about trading for Champ Bailey will do whatever it takes to make it happen; even if it requires an 8-way trade.  If we trade Champ for draft picks, we can get ourselves defensive players that will dominate the Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers for the next 10 years.  Do we live here and now or in the future?

Do we trade the Champ?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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