Brad's NFL Picks - Week Eight - 2008

Only 13 games this week, as six teams have a bye.

Brad's Picks was 10-4 last week, right when St. Louis beat the 'Boys 34-14; when Buffalo beat the Chargers 23-14; when the Titans won at Arrowhead 34-10; when the New York Giants beat the Forty Niners 29-17; when the Steelers beat Cincinnati 38-10; when Carolina beat the Saints 30-7; when Houston beat the Lions 28-21; when Oakland beat the Jets in OT 16-13; when Washington squeaked by the Browns 14-11; and when Tampa Bay beat the Seahawks 20-10.

Brad's Picks was wrong when the Colts got stomped in Green Bay 34-14; when the Ravens won in Miami 27-13; when Chicago got 14 quick points off turnovers and beat the Vikings 48-41, and when the Broncos bombed in New England on MNF 41-7

Brad's Picks is 67-35 on the season.

Home teams were 11- 3 overall last week (for the second week in a row, and are 64-38 on the season (62.7%). This is a big turnaround from last season, when home teams won just 54.7 % of the time.

There were four coast to coast games last week, and the visitor lost in all four. Visiting teams are 3-14 on the season. All three of the wins were by east coast teams going to the west coast.

George was 6-7 last week (he forgot to pick the Seahawks at Tampa game). George is 48-52 on the season.

Teams coming off a bye last week were 3-1, and are 12-4 on the season.

Teams coming off a MNF game were 1-1 last week, and are 10-4 on the season. Isn't this kind of surprising? Maybe it's because the better teams are scheduled to play on MNF - otherwise, it would seem that teams would be at a disadvantage the next week with a day and a half less to get ready.

NFC 2, AFC 1 last week. On the season, it's NFC 13, AFC 10.

Off last week with a bye were Arizona (4-2), Atlanta (4-2), Jacksonville (3-3), and Philadelphia (3-3).

Off this week with a bye are Chicago (4-3), Cincinnati (0-7), Denver (4-3), Green Bay (4-3), Houston (2-4), and Minnesota (3-4).

This week: the 11:00 MST games:

Oakland (2-4) at Baltimore (3-3) - Raiders played the Jets tough last week, winning in OT on a 57 yard Janikowski FG in OT. But that was against an east coast team on the west coast, and now it's the other way around. Baltimore is playing pretty good, and their real good D will stifle Jamarcus Russell. George will take the Raiders.

Arizona (4-2) at Carolina (5-2) - Cards are off a bye after beating the 'Boys 30-24 the week before. But that was in the desert, and it took OT to do it. Carolina crushed a Saints team last week that is probably better than the Cardinals, and the Cards have that long trip east. George will take the Cardinals.

Tampa Bay (4-2) at Dallas (4-3) - This would be a really good game if the Cowboys were healthy, but they're not. Tony Romo still has a broken finger on his throwing hand, so Brad Johnson will likely start. He and the rest of the team were pretty bad last week in St. Louis, but are at home this week.But I'm going to take the Bucs, who are playing real good as a team, which the 'Boys are not. George also takes the Bucs.

Washington (5-2) at Detroit (0-6) - Lions have actually been playing okay, while the Redskins have been skating by (losing at home to the Rams, then barely beating the Browns at home). I'm tempted to pick an upset here, but I'm generally playing it safe this week. Take the Reds. George likes the Lions.

Buffalo (5-1) at Miami (2-4) - Division game. Bills played a real good game last week against the Chargers. Dolphins couldn't stand up against the Ravens. Weather should be rainy and warm. Could favor the home team. Don't know how to call it, but I guess I'll go with the 5-1 team. Take the Bills. George likes the Dolphins.

St. Louis (2-4) at New England (4-2) - Rams are 2-0 under interim Head Coach Jim Haslett, after they knocked off two NFC East powerhouses, Washington and then the Cowboys. Patriots won big on MNF over the Broncos, but they know they're not that much better than the Broncos, and Coach Belichick will remind them of that. But they'll be good enough to beat the hot Rams. Should be a good game. Take the Patriots. George likes the Rams.

San Diego (3-4) at New Orleans (3-4) - Actually, this game will be in London, which is actually in England, but it counts as a home game for the Saints. It'll be about 6:00 p.m. there, which is pretty weird, if you think about it. Also, the Atlantic will be to the west of the gridiron instead of to the east. More weird. Both teams lost on the road last week. Heck if I know how to call this one. Two good teams on the other side of the pond. George likes the Saints. I'm just going to go with George on this one, and take the Saints.

Kansas City (1-5) at New York Jets (3-3) - Chiefs are really hurting - both starting QB's (Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard) went on IR this week, so Tyler Thigpen gets the start. Take Brett Favre and his Jets at home. George will go with the Chiefs.

Atlanta (4-2) at Philadelphia (3-3) - Both teams are off a bye. Atlanta's rookie QB Matt Ryan has played better than anyone in Georgia could have hoped for. He'll be rookie of the year if he keeps it up. But the Eagles D is ferocious. George likes the Falcons.

the 2:05 MST game:

Cleveland (2-4) at Jacksonville (3-3) - Jags off a bye, and they're at home.   George likes the Jags.

the 2:15 MST games:

New York Giants (5-1) at Pittsburgh (5-1) - Wow. What a showdown. Two recent Super Bowl winners. Both 5-1. Ben Roethlisberger has been working miracles behind a shaky O line, but the Giants D line is not what it was last year, without Strahan and Umenyiora. I'm taking Ben and his Steelers at home. George likes the Steelers too.

Seattle (1-4) at San Francisco (2-5) - Division game. Both teams played on the east coast last week, and both lost. I'm taking the Niners at home. Matt Hasselbeck is still out at QB for the Seahawks. George likes the Seahawks.

(no Sunday night game, I guess because of something called the World Series, whatever that is)

the MNF game:

Inwiplis (3-3) at Tennessee (6-0) - Division game. Colts got stomped in Green Bay last week, while the T's had a laugher in Kansas City. Comeuppance time for the Colts in this division game. Take the T's. George likes the T's also.

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