How We Get to 13-3

       I realize that the battlecry of "13-3 baby" was something fun that came out of pre-season hopes,  after three games seemed possible, and now has only one chance.

       Obviously at 4-3 we must win the next game. I hope Jay and company realize that if we are to reach 13-3 we have to beat Miami. If Jay and company doesn't want to beat Miami--then 13-3 is lost--and maybe the season. I hate to be a realist--its not like me--but if we lose to Miami.....13-3 is impossible.  Zappa, I know these are strong words, but they are true, if we lose to Miami '13-3' is dead.

        I hope someone here sends this post to every Bronco Player so that every Bronco Player knows that if we lose to Miami we cannot go 13-3. There must be someone lurking at this site that can let the Broncos know.

       After Miami we face Cleveland (who crushed the Giants). Cleveland...which reminds me of the 'Dog Pound' which in past times we did amazing things. I don't care how good or bad Cleveland is--if we are to go 13-3 we need  to win this game also. Maybe John can tell Jay how to start a 98 yard drive in the final minutes. I hope it doesn't come down to this--we need this win to march towards 13-3.

      Then we go to Atlanta, and as stange as it sounds, we have to win this game also to get to 13-3.  I wish we had dumped Plumber a couple years ago and started Jay. We had a defense that kept everyone out of the endzone--and a QB that was washed up. Atlanta now has Matt--he is a force. We need to win this game to keep 13-3 alive.

        If we get by Miami, Cleveland, and Atlanta....still on a 13-3 pace....we have our second bye-----faiders in our house---gamma ray caliber crush.

         Week whatever, I don't care at this point, we are still looking for13-3.  Brett trys to take advantage of Bailey's return from injury and gets torched with two picks.

          KC comes into Denver and gets torch with revenge and 13-3 is still possible.

          Carolina, I've alwaysed thought Panther an unique animal, I'm thankfull that Shanny knows it also. What a great game plan!  Two games left and 13-3 is still on the table!!

            Buffalo comes into Denver only a game behind the surprising Dolphins for the AFC East.  What a fight!!!    Prater has to kick a 64 yard field goal with no time left for Broncos' dreams of 13-3 to stay alive.!

            Oh My!    We need to beat the Chargers at San Diego to get to 13-3 !!!

Hmmm........nice dream!!





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