FanPost scary are the Chargers?

I, like many of you, watched the Chiefs vs Chargers game....a game the Chiefs should have won.

I then checked out the schedules, have been reading some of the posts on here , particularly the great one put together by BCFunk, and agree that the last agme of the seasson could be for the play offs.

My conclusion: I dont think we need to be that scared about that situation, or the Bolts.....PERIOD.

Here is a link to a great article by Dave Kreiger that I think hits this idea out of the park:

Here's what we know about Denver:

  • We have injuries but our young guys are stepping up. We are seeing MARKED improvement on the defense with guys like WW, Jarvis Moss, Jamie Winborn, Bell...even Karl Paymah. We will be improved at MLB no matter whether it is Niko or, hopefully, the Stormin' Norman Spencer Larsen.
  • On offense, I think we started clicking again and our guys played with attitude and as a cohesive unit. Every team that we have on oour schedule we can outscore. It is great to see Nate Jackson and DG playing well too. And honsetly, I think Hillis is a game changer at either RB or H Back.
  • We have Champ Bailey and DJ Williams coming back for our last 3 games. In fact, Champ might play this week.
  • it has forced our D coaches to play aggressively, which has given our D some attitude too.....NOTE TO SLOWIK: KEEP THIS GOING WHEN CHAMP COMES BACK.

Here's what we know about San Diego:

  • They are basically playing at full strength minus Chris Chambers.
  • They have no one coming back to help a struggling defense that is ranked last in the league against the pass. There has been no noticable improvement, and if anything, it took another step back vs Kansas.
  • The running game is NOT working. In fact, San Diego's running game is ranked below THATS surprising. San Diego managed only 92 yards against the worse run defense in the league yesterday and is not seeing any improvements.

Here are the overall team rankings for both teams:

Defense - against the run:

  • Denver ranked 27th averaging 146.3 yards.
  • San Diego ranked 13th averaging 103.1

Defense against the pass:

  • Denver ranked 28th averaging 242.8
  • San Diego ranked 32nd averaging 264.9

Offense Rushing:

  • Denver 18th averaging 107.2
  • San Diego averaging 25th averaging 96.1

Offense passing:

  • Denver 3rd averaging 287.9
  • San Diego 6th averaging 253.2

I look at all this, and people are still tipping San Diego based on their hype from last year. Denver, on the other hand is exactly where most of us suspected, and above what many of the experts thought.

Denver, and I honestly beleive this, is starting to trend up wards, while San Diego, even with a win yetserday, is still trending downwards.

SO, my question to all of us out there:


I would love your guys thoughts.


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