My Week 11 Power Rankings

I have decided to discontinue the group power rankings because of the mass confusion I have created by experimenting with different methods nearly every week!!  I believe it will be reinstated at the beginning of next season with specific guidelines, but for the remainder of 2008 I will only be publishing my own personal Power Rankings for each week.  Feel free to knit pick and post your own rankings for this week!

The points system is pretty basic and based solely on my opinion.  I rank each team according to how I see them in comparison to the best team in my ranking.  In a way, I was trying to show how close I felt the teams were to each other.

Zappa's Week 11 Power Rankings

1. TEN
1.000 You can't deny the proper recognition owed to the only undefeated team in football. --
2. NYG
.998 This team is hungry for a repeat.
3. CAR
.953 These guys are playing like the over-hyped team they are usually proclaimed to be by the media.
4. ARI
.940 I have been forced to begrudgingly admit that the Cardinals have finally changed their culture of defeat. Kudos to them!
5. WAS
.916 Only two teams are going to make it out of the NFC East to make the playoffs, these guys will be one of them!
6. TB
.915 The Bucs make the case for average talent plus good coaching equals playoffs.
7. NE
.901 The victory over Denver has lit a spark for this team as they have won 4 out of their last 5 games.
8. ATL
.883 A poor divisional record may spell the end for this teams hopes for a playoff berth.
9. PIT
.850 Stock in this team is falling rapidly; not looking good in the Steel City.
10. IND
.837 Two consecutive weeks of output has risen the Colts out of the ashes of despair. Manning & Co. are smelling playoffs now - look out!
11. PHI
.819 Tough team to figure out. One week they are great, the next they suck. Jury is still out. --
12. DEN
.796 It's apparent we can only win if we score 30+. Our playoff hopes hinge on Jay Cutler beastly arm, go Cuts!
13. BAL
.795 If Joe Flacco keeps playing like he has been then this team may just win the horse race for the second seed in the AFC!


.784 Are you kidding me? Where did these guys come from?!?
15. CHI
.780 Their only hope is for Kyle Orton to get back out on the field.
16. DAL
.746 Tell me, what usually happens to the pre-season hyped up teams? One word, "Kerrplunk"
17. JAX
.712 I'm sick from watching this roller coaster ride, but they have a chance to save their season this weekend against the Titans!
18. MIN
.703 Another seesaw ride with this team, but they may have saved their season thanks to a missed field goal.
19. NO
.691 Loss to Falcons all but ended their chances in 2008. Such a dominating passing attack too...
20. MIA
.642 I may have been a little hard on this team, but I just can't believe a 1-15 team a year ago is this much better. Yet anyway...
21. BUF
.627 Lost four out of last five. Talented, but young football team. Maybe next year!
22. GB
.611 Blew two straight games and have dug themselves into a nice sized hole.
23. SD
.589 Nearly blew a lead at home against the lowly Chefs. Though, apparently this team has super natural powers that enables them to become a Super Bowl calibur team at a moments notice!
24. CLE
.547 Committed to rebuilding with a new QB, but then after losing they will end up firing everyone and screwing over the progress made with Brady Quinn. Doh!
25. HOU
.503 Losers of two straight after putting together a nice three game win streak.
26. SEA
.433 Wow, teams can really fall hard and fast can't they?
27. SF
.425 I see life in this team...much more so than all the rest of the bottom feeders. Besides, I like Singletary's style of coaching.
28. STL
.370 Well, the Rams were who we thought they were and they have regressed back into the rotten cesspool of mediocrity.
29. KC
.364 Though this team continues to lose, they are hanging tough with better teams and eventually they'll win one somewhere down the line. lol
30. OAK

Falling hard, Falling fast. Al Davis has succeeded once again at ruining the rebuilding process of his team. Kudos!

31. CIN
.344 This just in! The Bengals have WON! I repeat, the Bengals have won!

Is it possible to kick a team out of the league? I am sure there are many other cities out there who could field a better team.


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