Brad's NFL Picks - Week Eleven - 2008

     Brad's Picks was 9-5 last week, right when the Broncos beat Cleveland 34-30; when Miami beat the Seahawks 21-19; when the New York Jets whupped the Rams 47-3; when the Jags beat Detroit 38-14; when New England beat the Bills 20-10; when the Panthers won in Oakland 17-6; when San Diego barely beat the Chiefs 20-19; when the Giants beat Philadelphia 36-31; and when Arizona beat the Forty Niners 29-24 on MNF.

    Brad's Picks was wrong when the Titans beat Chicago 21-14; when Minnesota squeezed past the Packers 28-27; when the Ravens humiliated Houston 41-13; when Atlanta beat the Saints 34-20; and when the Colts beat Pittsburgh 24-20.

     Brad's Picks is 92-52 on the year.

    Home teams were 7-7 last week, and are 87-57 on the year (60%). Home teams won 54.7 % of the time in 2007.

     Coast to coast teams were 1-1 last week as the Seahawks lost in Miami and the Panthers won in Oakland. Visiting teams are 6-17 on the season and all six wins are by east coast teams playing on the west coast.

     George was 8-6 for the second week in a row. George is 69-73 on the season.

     AFC 4, NFC 1 last week. On the season, it's NFC 18, AFC 16.

     Teams coming off a bye last week were 2-2. On the season they are 17-11.

     Teams coming off MNF were 0-1 as the Steelers lost and the Redskins were idle.     Teams coming off MNF are 14-5 on the season.

     Off last week with a bye were Dallas, Washington, Tampa Bay, and Baltimore. Say bye to byes.


     this week: the Thursday night game:

New York Jets (6-3) at New England (6-3) - Division game. Hard game to call. Brett Favre gets his second chance to go against the Patriots - Jets lost in Week Two at home 19-10. The teams are about equal in D and O, ditto points scored and points given up. It seems the Patriots have been hit harder by injuries lately - RB's Sammy Morris and LaMont Jordan are iffy (they have a nifty rookie in BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and they still have Kevin Faulk) and LB Adalius Thomas just had surgery on his arm. Weather will be windy and rainy. I'll take Brett (he's had six more games to get used to his new team) and the Jets. George likes the Jets also.


    the 11:00 MST Sunday games:

Denver (5-4) at Atlanta (6-3) - Falcons lead the league in rushing, and the Broncos have been terrible stopping the run, although they've shown some signs of life lately. Falcons D is not very good, and the Broncos pass O was terrific last week in Cleveland. Broncos have been decimated by RB injuries and will start a rookie fullback, Peyton Hillis, at RB. Hillis averaged over 5 per carry at Arkansas when he got the ball. But you gotta take the Falcons in their home dome, don't you?. Also, it's the second trip east in two weeks for the Broncos. But I guess I'll take the Broncos. They've had three extra days to get ready, they played good on the road last week in Clevleand, and I'm expecting a big game from Peyton Hillis, the converted fullback. Hillis played tough last week, and he's had a week of practice at the RB spot. Broncos also signed Tatum Bell, who they shipped off to Detroit a couple years ago, and elevated rookie P.J. Pope from the practice squad, after placing two more RB's on IR for the year.This should be a high scoring game, but if Hillis can get it going and the Broncos get a lead, it will help to neutralize the Falcons' top notch run game. I'm counting on Hillis. George likes the Broncos.

Oakland (2-7) at Miami (5-4) - Miami had a hard time beating another west coast team last week, but the Seahawks are better than the Raiders. And no west coast team has won a game on the east coast this year. George likes the Raiders.

Chicago (5-4) at Green Bay (4-5) - Division game. Both teams lost last week Both teams are bunched up with Minnesota for the Division lead. Both teams played very hard in the loss last week. Bears had to go with Rex Grossman at QB, and he did sort of OK (20-37-1-173 and two TD's, one a one yard run). But the Bears get Kyle Orton back this week. Weather will be in the 30's and cloudy. Who to pick? All the stats say it'll end in a tie, so take the home team. Packers. George likes the Bears.

Baltimore (6-3) at New York Giants (8-1) - Ravens have been playing real good. Rookie Joe Flacco has gotten better and better and their run game is impressive. But they lost a starting corner and a starting safety last week, and the Giants are at home. George likes the Giants.

Houston (3-6) at Indwapis (5-4) - Division game. Texans disappointed me last week, getting bludgeoned at home by the Ravens. Meanwhile the Colts played tough in Pittsburgh. Take the Colts at the Lube. George likes the Texans.

Detroit (0-9) at Carolina (7-2) - Two teams still have a perfect record this year, the Lions and the Titans. Says here we'll still have two teams with a perfect record come Sunday night. Take Carolina for sure. George likes the Lions for some reason.

New Orleans (4-5) at Kansas City (1-8) - Weather should be decent at Arrowhead. Saints put up over 500 yards in Atlanta last week, but three INT's doomed them. Chiefs played tough at San Diego, and their rookie QB Thigpen is doing OK (27-47-0-266 and two TD's last week). Saints lost DE Charles Grant and his backup is mainly a pass rusher. Larry Johnson is averaging 4.5 per carry for the Chiefs. Neither team has much D. Let's go with the Chiefs at Arrowhead. George likes the Chiefs.

Philadelphia (5-4) at Cincinnati (1-8) - Bengals have been playing better, but they still don't have Carson Palmer. Take the Eagles, who are fighting to get back into the NFC East race, or at least a wild card. George likes the Bengals.

Minnesota (5-4) at Tampa Bay (6-3) - Adrian Peterson ran for almost 200 yards last week, but that was against the Packers weak run D. It was a hard game for the Vikings, and the Bucs had the week off and are at home. George likes the Vikings.

     the 2:05 MST games:

Arizona (6-3) at Seattle (2-7) - Division game. Cardinals are the better team. George likes Seattle.

St. Louis (2-7) at San Francisco (2-7) - Division game. Rams played a couple good games after Haslett took over as coach, but then settled back into mediocrity. Mike Singletary looks to be over his head as a head coach. I'm taking the Rams, although RB Steven Jackson has a banged up knee. George likes the Niners.


      the 2:15 MST games:

San Diego (4-5) at Pittsburgh (6-3) - Ben Roethlisberger is banged up and may not play, but if he can't go, Byron Leftwich has done well in relief. Steelers get Willie Parker back, with a brace for his shoulder, but that shouldn't affect him. Chargers barely beat the lowly Chiefs at home last week. Take the Steelers. George likes the Chargers.

Tennessee (9-0) at Jacksonville (4-5) - Division game. Jags are a team in trouble. Coach Del Rio has problems in the locker room. Titans are in hydroglide. George likes the T's also.


     the SNF game:

Dallas (5-4) at Washington (6-3) - Division game. Both teams are off a bye. 'Boys get Tony Romo back. Looks like the Reds will be without Clinton Portis (sprained/torn MCL). I bet Romo provides a big spark on prime time. Taking the 'Boys here. George likes Washington.


     the MNF game:

Cleveland (3-6) at Buffalo (5-4) - Brady Quinn did OK in his debut last week. Bills were 5-1 until they had three straight games against division opponents. But I'll take the Bills at home. George likes the Browns.

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