Broncos vs. Falcons Review

Not this time.  A team from the west beat a team in the east at 1 ET.  It was a close game throughoout the whole contest having 3 lead changes in the game.  Denver came back in the 2nd half down by 6 points and put up 17.  The defense only gave up one score in the 2nd half to help.  The Broncos got the win in the Georgia Dome with a score of 24-20.

Now lets look at what I saw in the game.

Things I Was Happy With:

Jay Cutler:  Once again, Jay Cutler puts together another game winning drive on the road to get the job done.  Jay made good decisions and made the plays he had to make.  The bomb to Brandon Marshall was a perfectly placed ball.  Deep and only where Brandon could catch it.  Cutler also threw great touch passes as well, like the one to Nate Jackson.  Jay is showing great poise in tough environments and is getting the job done. It was also nice to see him blocking on some of the plays, too.

Spenser Larson:  Wow!  Another rookie steps up and makes play for this team.  Starting on both sides of the ball and special teams.  This guy wants to do everything he can to help this team win.  I say let this guy play the rest of the year at MLB.  Racking up 7 tackles and 6 of them were solo.  He has a nose for the ball and I think he can develope into a force on defense.

Peyton Hillis:  Once again, Hillis had his third staight beast of a game.  He averaged 4.4 yards a carry and caught 3 passes with some great gains after the catch.  He was running over the whole falcons defense and bulldozered over every single Falcon player out there, it seemed.  Good job Peyton!

Eddie Royal:  This kid is just electric on kick returns.  He gave the Broncos great field position on a few of the drives and took some pressure of the offense  He only caught 4 passes, but some of those are hard catches for WR to make.  Eddie also ran a few reverses and showed how versitile he is.  Royal and Marshall could develope into one of the best WR combos in history!

Wesly Woodyard:  Another rookie stepping up and making plays.  "Ball-hawk" is the only way to describe this kid.  9 total tackles, second on the team, and showing he he should have been drafted.  A+ W.W.

Run Defense:  Going against one of the best rushing footabll teams in the league, the Broncos did a pretty good job of stopping the run.  Yes, they did give up 114 yards, but it seemed that the Falcons could not get the run game going.  I was quite happy with the defense in that area of the game.

Not So Happy With:

No Sacks, Once Again:  The defensive line has been doing a better job lately, but it still can not come up with ONE sack!  But this line is young, so i think I need to give it some more time.

Playcalling:  I have been happy with most of the calls Mr. Bates has been calling so far, but some just make no sense to me.  The reverse/end-around on 3rd and one seemed dumb because I think Peyton Hillis can get that yard and more.  Also, on another 3rd down, the Broncos run a dive play with Tatum Bell and he is stopped short.  Again, Hillis could have made the 1st down.  Other than that, the playcalling has been pretty good.  The trick plays are o.k. every once in a while, but the Broncos are calling them way too much for my taste.

Penalties:  I don't know if 6 penalties for 36 yards is bad too you, but I think it is unacceptable.  Maybe it is because I have high expectations for this team, but 6 penalties just seems too much.

I thought the Broncos played one of their better games defensively this year, and the offense got the job done by not turning the ball over.  It is looking like the team has really learned from the mistakes they made early on this season.  The Broncos are now up 2 games in the AFC West and, I think, can keep it that way for the rest of the year if they keep playing good football.  That's all I got.  GO BRONCOS!

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