I think a lot of you knew this was coming!

The movement of "Spencer Larsen for MLB" started off slow, with a few members, and many doubters. Shout outs to Yellow Stone, who was one of the originals who lauded Larsen for MLB.

The majority of support for the movement came from this very board (kudos to all of us) and has been growing at a steady rate. The nation has now seen what the majority of us believed, and had confirmed by his performance on the weekend: that we have a REAL player in the Stormin' Mormon, and I have said before, he is our version of Zach Thomas.

He brings everything to the position that you need in a MLB:

  • Reads the game well.
  • Is always around the ball.
  • Sure tackler
  • Does not over pursue on the back side of plays eg. On a Michael Turner stretch play, Turner cuts back, and there is Larsen covering the cut back for a loss.
  • Natural leader
  • Brings controlled aggression.
  • Calm demeanor and focused.
  • Passionate at the same time.
What I really loved about Larsen is the emotional foil that he is for WW and Winbourn. WInborn is over the top excited, and playing next to another over excitable guy in Webster made our LB corps unorganized and TOO on edge emotionally all the time. When Spence made great plays yesterday, WW and Jamie were there to congratulate and go nuts, but Larsen would just high five and move on with his job. It was an interesting dynamic, and one which made WW and Jamie focus more on their jobs. He already from one game looked the definitive leader of those guys yesterday.
I know it is TOTALLY uncool for a player to lose his job via injury, but we need to keep Larsen at MLB. It is best for the team.
Brandon Marshall had an interesting quote from his presser yesterday. The first thing he commented on was Larsen. This is not verbatim but goes something like this:
"I saw some college highlights of Spence making an interception, and thought man this guy is athletic. At camp, I told him this and that I could not wait to see him player line backer. I have been waiting for this for a long time!"
It seems there is a lot of support for Larsen from the team as well.
I found it curious that the team drafted another FB in Haynes last week. I can see our back field being Hillis, Bell and Pope with Haynes as FB. Otherwise, I see them bringing in Cory Boyd, putting Hillis at FB with Pope and Bell.
Anyway, what are your thoughts? Mine are to leave Larsen there, bring back DJ when he is ready and rotate him with Winborn. WW stays.....that kid is a player as well.
I like the look of our LB corps now and think it might change our drafting strategy.
Thanks for all the great info and posts guys!

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