MHR Fantasy Football: A Week 11 Breakdown, Part 1 of 2



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Week 11 Recap

Albino Wildebeests 80.15, Blue Collar Broncos 73.25

Despite some... questionable...coaching decisions by Papi (Jamal Lewis over Marion Barber?), the Wildebeests continue to ride high. Michael Turner had 20.1 points as the usually high-flying Broncos were the next victim of the stampede. Optimum: Wildebeests 119.9, Broncos 103.8. Coach Ratings: Papi 66%, Denver_Native 70%.

Toilers of the C++ 110.4, Russ' Team 79.9

The high-scoring Toilers were an A+ this week, riding Larry Fitzgerald, Hines Ward, Neil Rackers, and the Panthers' D to a big win. If anyone can beat papi.......... Optimum:Toilers 117.3, Russ 83.4. Coach Ratings: Styg 94%, Russ 95%.

J.F.K. Mustangs 90.2, Brazil Devils 70.65

Frank Gore, Drew Brees, the Giants and Dwayne Bowe were on fire as the Mustangs improved to 6-5. Finally, their PPG makes sense. Optimum: Mustangs 118, Devils 78.35. Coach Ratings: lucasfrodriguez 90%, DaveCheffy 76%.

SacTown Beavers 90.35, I CRUSH YOU! 50.8

Zappa's team gets its final win before being annihalated and embarrased in front of everyone. Jezru just can't seem to get it going. Optimum: Beavers 110.25, CRUSH 66.1. Coach Ratings: Zappa 81%, Jezru 76%

Cincinnatroit Texrams 102.1, TheSportsGuru's Team 53.6

The Texrams get a massive upset that could knock Guru out of fantasy title conention. Literally everyone on Jezru's squad was on fire. Just look at the optimum! He scored 100 points and his rating was only 64%! WTF?! Optimum: Texrams 157.1, Guru 83.2. Coach ratings: Both coaches 64%

Qatar Wars: A Noob Hope 67.85, The Fighting Manginos 38.4

38.4 is the lowest point total I have ever seen. This game was a snoozer. I turned off my fantasy TV during the third quarter and went outside to play fantasy catch. Optimum: Qatar 67.85, Manginos 55. Coach Ratings: JR G 100%, DenverJhawk 69%

Week 11 Awards

The Shanny for highest coach rating in a victory: JR G with 100%!

The Norvy for lowest coach rating: Guru with 64%! GURU IS NORV TURNER.

The Rod Award for highest individual score: Matt Cassel of the Texrams with 43.2! Wait, he was benched? Oh, then Peyton Manning of Russ' Team with 27.1!

The Javon Awards for 0 total points: Billy Miller of the Mustangs, Alex Smith of the Texrams, Anthony Fasano of Qatar Wars, and John Carney of the Manginos!

The Orange Crush Award for most dominating win: The Cincinnatroit Texrams with a win of 48.5!

The Mile High Salute to the team with the highest score: Toilers of the C++ with 110.4!

The Black Hole Award for the team with the lowest score: The Fighting Manginos with 38.4!

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