MHR Fantasy Football: Week 12

It's week 12, the playoff picture is becoming clearer, and the Wildebeests are dominating everything, ever. So far, they are the only team that has a playoff spot locked down. Here's a look at the playoffs should the season end today:

fantasyplayoffs.jpg picture by ajktitan2010

As you can see, the Wildebeests are10-1 and one victory away from clinching the division and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. More importantly, though, it's rivalry week for the Beests. The SacTown Beavers are coming to town, and last time thesetwo teams met, it was a close, high scoring game. The Wildebeests pulled it out in the end, with a final score of 111.6-100.45. If you'll remember, that was the week that Zappa threw a hissy fit that he started Derek Anderson over J.T. O'Sullivan or Kurt Warner. He has to avoid big mistakes like that this week, as he has learned firsthand. One such mistake against an opponent of the Wildebeests' caliber and it's over.

One thing is certain: these two teams do not like each other. When asked about the rivalry, Wildebeest head coach P. Sanderson Grande said that his feelings toward Beavers GM Zappa "doesn't dissipate at all" since the beginning of the year, when he started playing fantasy football. Zappa, when asked, had no comment other than "cackle cackle cackle."

Another thing to note is that I CRUSH YOU! is the only team eliminated completely from playoff contention. Jezru has been fighting technical difficulties since the season began.


Other key games this week:

-Guru's team at the Brazil Devils. Guru can be eliminated from contention if he loses this game. The Devils have been coming up in the league, and need to win this game to stay ahead in the wildcard race.

-Russ' Team at The Fighting Manginos. Both teams face a must win this week, with the loser likely eliminated from the playoffs. Things do not bode well right now forthe defending champs.

-Blue Collar Broncos at Qatar Wars. The reason to watch this one is obvious: Whoever wins leads the division.

Other games: Toilers of the C++ at Cincinnatroit Texrams and I CRUSH YOU! at J.F.K. Mustangs.



1. Albino Wildebeests, papigrande, 10-1. They will. They will. Rock you.

2. Toilers of the C++, styg50, 8-3. Right now, the hottest team in the league. Styg is dominating everyone.

3. SacTown Beavers, ZappaRulez, 7-4. Are about to be 7-5.

4. J.F.K. Mustangs, davecheffy, 6-5. Finally, their PPG scored and given up makes a little sense.

5. Blue Collar Broncos, Denver_Native, 6-5. Had been the hottest team in the league until the Wildebeests' defense stoned them cold.

6. Brazil Devils, lucasfrodriguez, 6-5. Coming up in the league. They currently (barely) hold on to the 6th playoff seed.

7. Qatar Wars: A Noob Hope, JR G, 5-6. Could obtain first place in the division with a win this week.

8. Russ' Team, Russ33, 4-7. Tenure as defending champs could be over very soon.

9. The Fighting Manginos, DenverJhawk, 5-6. Losers of three straight, a loss would likely knock them out of contention.

10. Cincinnatroit Texrams, ejruiz, 3-8. Is showing a lot of fire as of late, just picked up a nice Mile High Salute for the trophy case.

11. TheSportsGuru's Team, Guru, 4-7. Is being manhandled. Has lost two straight, including being embarrased by the Texrams last week.

12. I CRUSH YOU!, Jezru, 2-9. Isn't crushing anything.

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