TSlice Tales: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As I sit here looking at the overcast skies of Nor Cal,  I find myself one day removed from another Sunday of disappointment.  As the Denver Broncos fell short for the 3rd straight loss I became depressed as I do everytime they lose.  With a day to reflect I nor feel good nor bad from yesterdays lost.  That is why i can find the good, the bad, and the ugly from yet another lost.

The Good




There is alot of positives to me that i saw yesterday.  All though we did lose I always look for the good in each and every game and I saw some great things yesterday that put a smile on my face.

1. Rookies Galore: Ryan Clady and the O Line did not allow a sack from a team that has been getting after the QB all season long.  Not to mention Joey (Big Mouth) Porter was man handled by Clady most of the time.Eddie Royal makes his return to returning count.  The reason i thought we drafted him for a threat in the return game was finally utilized again and his return that was oh so close for a TD got us some much needed momentum. Oh and did i mention Peyton Hillis becoming a threat in the passing game. Wow baby what a draft for the O Side.

2.  The Defense played fairly okay.  Believe it or not they kept us in the game.  The last Miami drive they were tired and on a play everyone new was coming on 3rd and long, not saying i dont like the call from Slowik but on 3rd and long from a team that never converts them.  You should have known the screen pass was coming.  but all in all i was impressed from Paymah and Winborn most of all.

3.  For as horrible as we have looked for the 3rd straight game in a row we are still in first place believe it or not.  We control our own destiny.  And to make you feel better we play Thursday making it a short week to grieve. The heeling process will be faster and with Brady Quinn making his first career NFL start lets hope we can make that muscle milk pretty boy pay.



The Bad




1.  Jay Cutler is trying to do it all him self.  He is trying to force the ball to much which lead to two INTS which lead to a quick ten point lead in which we were never able to recover from.  Jay if your listening.  I know you were taking heat for looking at Marshall too much.  But he is still over there ready to move those chains.  I love how you spread the ball but he is your playmaker give him the ball and good things will happen (TD called back for a BS call).  Your still young and I love ya but just take care of the football and you will be greater.

2.  Am I the only one who has noticed some BS calls in the past 3 games.  I know people will say you can't blame the refs but I have noticed some calls that have been game changers and also happen to be just ridiculous calls.  Marshall TD, Jax game, NE game.  It seems to me that the NFL is trying to get back at us for the Ed Hochulli call. Call me crazy but I am noticing some horse s*** calls out there.

3.  I am not liking the teams sense of urgency out there.  I don't see any fire.  You think coming off a bye and a blow out loss on Monday night this team would fire on all cylinders.  But what i saw was the complete opposite.  The offense looked flat all game if it wasn't for Peyton Hillis and Eddie Royals play.  Bad throws, Dropped balls, can catch my drift on that one.


The Ugly




1. Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers.....if we are ever going to win a football game again we have got to stop killing ourselves and stop turning the football over.  Whether it be INT's, or fumbles....go back to the basics of pee wee football take care of the football.  "Hold on to that ball petey !!!"-Remember the Titans.

2.  Injury bug has been upon us now for 2 straight season and thanks to some good depth i see us being okay.  But we just lost our leading rusher for the year not to mention a guy who was a big part in our 4 wins.  We are dropping like flies out there.  So please stretch,  and don't put yourselves in awkward positions and you wil be fine.  Or do we just need a new effin trainer to take care of these guys.  But it's the NFL injuries happen all of the time lets just hope we can overcome them.

3.  Where has the masterminds plays gone.  Im talking about the play action bomb that plummer use to throw to Lelie once a game.  Im talking about runs for 20+ yards.  We need the running game for are offense to click and without it all of the games will be like this one.  Ryan Torain should be the guy now or at least until Young is healthy.  Running gods of football if you are punishing us for being so successful in the past we get your point.  Now can we please have our running game back.


Well MHR faithful at 4-4 we stand alone atop the AFC West and have a game Thursday night in Cleveland.  Lets get out of this funk and let the good prevail over the bad and ugly.

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