Broncos lost, but...

Another week, another feeling of uncertainty. Ahhh to be a Broncos fan. What do we make of our young men in orange in blue? Here is what I saw and as always please chime with your valued thoughts and be candid.  I'm gonna!

Yes we lost.  I will leave the X's and O's to our friendly MHR staff as it is clear to me that Guru, Styg, HT and Zappa understand the technical aspect of the game far better than I. Similarly there will be no rant about the roster because honestly, what do I know. What I do want to share with everyone is my understanding of a Quest or how to get better and maybe what to expect and finally what I really hope for.

Tens years ago I started playing golf professionally with the asperations of reaching the Tour. I dedicated ten years of studying and learning the craft and trying my best to become a player. After my first full year of tournament golf I realized that learning to "play" and learning to "win" are two different animals each and of themselves. Winning is hard, really really hard. When you are in the postion that it all comes down to this, you know the "this is it" moment you have to learn to handle that. What's worse is when every moment becomes a "this is it" moment then you start really making it harder on yourself. At any point you may grow out of that and you never seem to have that fear again. Nerves yes and for me always when it really counted but not fear because for me I finally felt as if I belonged and that showed in my performance.

Simply put, winning is an acquired skill. Even the great NFL teams needed the time to lay the foundation for success. I don't think our Broncos have had the seasoning needed toconsistantly win a close mistake free, back & forth barn burner, especially in the NFL. The Broncos will find themselves in close games and until  they turn the corner they may lose more than win. This team is young and smart so they  may figure it out very quickly. Against Oakland they looked as polished and prepared as I had seen in years. It reminded me of the 98 Broncos they way they moved the ball at will. So we know they can do it. Like that old spaghetti comercial "It's in there".

I must be honest, this is the proudest I have ever been after a loss. Denver looked better and I have to praise improvement. The defense played a spirited and disciplined game and seemed to have a hunger for turnovers. My only frustration is the corners give too much cushion.

The offense is learning. Cutler is good, real good but I think he is going to remind us of his inexperience at the position for the rest of 2008. He is too eager to show off his cannon. Sorry for another golf reference but when you can rip it 325  yards you want everyone to know your abilitiy and your immaturity may hinder you from just getting the job done. I used to try to show off by pounding it by the other pros. They were what we called "steady eddies" just down the middle at a nice smooth and were not affected by others gameplans. Needless to say their checks where bigger than mine.

Another way to look at it like this, if an NFL players real job is play on Sundays then he has only been to work 29 times at the hardest job in all of professional sports. (If you look at it like the NFL is a yearly job then you win, I have no argument against ya). If you can't  simulate gameday exept gameday, than he only has 29. I think he just needs more time.

If a few questionable whistles go our way we win, but as HT pointed out, we don't use "the ref excuse" so let's move on with that issue. I just wanted to share that the B. Marsh pass interference call really really made me yell often on two fronts, obviously the game and both Cutler and Marsh are on my fantasy team, watching the points come off my labtop killed me. Oh look a yellow flag just landed in my living room from the Line judge calling a penalty on Denver ! while Miami appears to be the best behaved football team ever!

Shanahan  is staying so get used to that. One, there is no better coach available, his petigree is tremendous, his style proven. I don't think a Bronco fan would walk with Shanny to his trophy case and see all those SB trophies and AFC Champions and whatever else and say "I think Bowlen should can you". Two he is cooking up something good. Right now our coach is like a chef.  I know we are all really hungry but "it's cooking" so give the chef a chance to prepare a nice dish. He has the ingredients and I truly believe Broncoland is heading for a feast.

Keep at it boys, work hard, I am proud of the defense and tough loss this Sunday, you got some bad breaks, dropped a few balls and had a couple brain farts but you hung in there and scrapped. I know I am strapping in my seat belt for the journey because even though the ride is nauseating at times, I am still excited for where we are headed.

PS - I know most of you won't agree with this and it may be blashipamy but I am going to come out and say it. Clinton Portis will win more ball games for Denver than Champ will. That was evident to me last night. My only argument is you win by scoring, he scores. I know Champ stops scoring, but other teams just ignore him and pick on the other ten. The offense would be so dynamic it would look like a fantasy team. Cutler, Marshall, Portis, Royal, Scheffler, and Hillis. I love Champ and I really do see his value but honestly our defense still stinks and CP has put up 5 touchdowns in one game. I don't know if you will agree or disagree but a top shelf running back that can do it all would instantly make this team a contender tand take us deep in the playoffs.

Thanks guys and GO BRONCOS GO!

Steve O'

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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