No respect (and I like it that way).

After watching the national media love fest for Brett Favre and the Jets, I realize that unless this team makes a serious run in the playoffs, we won't be getting any respect from the national media.  The NFL network and ESPN are still clinging to the hopes that the Chargers will win the division, please do, then you can it your humble pie, of course that will never happen when Dion, I know everything about football.  Denver obviously plays better with a chip on their shoulder, so please media, keep telling us how Denver is a joke, our defense sucks, how talented the Chargers are, please, I am begging you!  Keep rolling out the stats, they prove nothing.  Fact is the team that are playing the best at the end of the season do the best, look at the Colts in 2006, dead last against the run, playoffs start and boom they turn it on and win the ring.  Did anyone think the Giants had a shot last year, hell no, still they turned it on and won.  Does Denver need to improve, yes, we need to be more consistent, game to game, quarter to quarter, series to series.  But what has this team proved this year:

1) This team has no fear, we can go on the road and beat good teams (that is huge).

2) We can come back and score points.

3) We have a banged up defense, yet we are still able to win with 5 starters out, guess what, they are coming back, we will get better.

4) We have an amazing group of rookies, probably the most amazing group I have every seen.  They along with the other 2nd and 3rd year players will only get better, so the sky is the limit.

5) This team has learned how to deal with adversity well, think of any other team with their top CB shelved, all starting LB on the shelf, starting safeties on the shelf, and running with a converted FB, and they are still winning, and on the road with rookies, and cast offs.

6) Our offensive line is now as dominate as it was during the Super Bowl run, and here's the bonus, they are all realtively young.

If we can learn to play at a high level week in and week out, then look out, till then, yes, please diss the Broncos national media, I want these kids reading how much they suck, how they are lucky, they got gift calls, how the other team just didn't show up.  Make them mad, make them have something to prove week in and week out, tell the Chargers they are sooooo goood, it's not their fault they have 8 losses, and when February comes around, just maybe we will be holding the 3rd Super Bowl trophy and laughing at all those people ready to bury the Broncos.

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