Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers -- Brandon Marshall Thursday Presser

On being close to a playoff berth

"The job is not done yet. It is really easy for us to stay focused knowing we still need one more win to get in. We are not worried about San Diego losing, we are trying to control our own destiny."

On playing well on the road

"It seems like when our back is against the wall we play better. I think this game here (at Carolina) is going to show us where we are at as a team. The Panthers are a Super Bowl caliber team, they have great coaches, great players and they are doing a great job. It is going to be an exciting atmosphere to play in."

More on being close to a playoff berth

"I just want to win. I am excited to be this close. This is my third year and I haven't smelled the playoffs. This is exciting for me now to see that it is right there in front of us."

On how the Broncos can attack Carolina's secondary

"We are number one in the AFC and number three in the NFL so it is not about what another team does, it is about what we do. We are a team that can run the ball. We have been doing it for years - before I got here. We have proven this year that we can throw the ball. We are going to take advantage of our opportunities and the mismatches they give us. We are just going to play our offensive game."

On Panthers DBs Chris Gamble and Ken Lucas

"They are crafty vets. They are really shifty in their hips and very explosive coming out of their breaks. It is going to be on me and (Broncos WR) Eddie (Royal) to win (our matchups) by being technically sound."

On getting back to double digit catches against Kansas City

"It was good just to get the win. I really wasn't worried about the stats, just getting one more game closer to the playoffs. We are just excited right now to be able to control our own destiny."

On being number one in fan votes for the Pro Bowl out of all AFC receivers

"It means a lot for me, probably more than anyone. I have been through some things and I am just trying to show the fans that I have been doing the right things both on and off the field. It shows guys that are going to come in here and guys that are here now that if you do the right thing, our community and our fans will support you. You don't get 400,000+ votes without the support of fans in your backyard."

On the team's performance this season

"I think we have been inconsistent. When we don't turn the ball over, we win. When we do a good job of ball security, we are a dangerous team."

On season goals

"Our number one goal is to get into the playoffs. Our coach has been saying that since preseason. Once we get into the playoffs we want to win and I think every team wants to win. Every team wants to play in the Super Bowl. "

On QB Jay Cutler

"Jay is a team first guy and we kind of take on the character of our leader. Coach (Mike) Shanahan is the ultimate leader and Jay leads the offense. We take on that same character and it is about the team first. This game here shows where we are at as a team. This team we are playing this week (Carolina) is one of the best in the NFL."

On if T Ryan Clady deserves to go to the Pro Bowl  

"Absolutely. If you look at what he has done for us, as a rookie has only given up a half of a sack. That was someone else that put that half of a sack on him. He has been out there on his own, we don't double team, we don't chip. He has done a great job for us."

On Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith 

"He is one of the best. He is probably the most explosive player in the NFL. He and I do things differently. I am the type of guy who likes to get the ball in my hands and run with it a little bit. He is the type of guy that can anything on the field whether it is stretching the field by going deep or running a crossing route and making somebody miss. He even does well in the blocking game."


On how important it is to get a win to enter the playoffs opposed to a San Diego loss 

"It is really important because in December, you want to play your best ball and go into the playoffs on a high streak. If we can control our own destiny that would be great but we don't want to go into the playoffs with an 0-3 record."

On Carolina Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams

"I had a chance to play against him in college both being in Conference USA. He did some things against us that were amazing, so I know what we are up against. It is going to be exciting to see our defense play against those guys. Our defense has been doing a good job of getting up for those types of players and has done a good job of containing them."


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