Carolina Panthers 30 - Denver Broncos 10 -- Post Game Quotes

Mike Shanahan                            Head Coach                                         Denver Broncos

I give credit to Carolina.  They did an excellent job today, obviously in a lot of different areas.  I thought early in the game we got some momentum.  On our first and second drives we were able to move the ball somewhat effectively.  But from that time on, we had too many three and outs. We couldn't get any momentum going.  Defensively, we knew we had to stop their running game. I thought we did a pretty good job for the most part, but they came in and made some big plays in the passing game.  They made some great catches one-on-one, with double teaming and made some great plays when they had to make them.

RE:  Playing Four-Four

We just had Wesley Woodyard at the strong safety position. He's a guy that can play both positions.  So, it's not really a four-four. He's a strong safety in the scheme; obviously a good tackler.  We'll use him at that position - I'm not going to say how many times. He's got great speed.  He's probably faster than most strong safeties in the National Football League.  I'm starting to feel better about the coverage with that scheme as well.  So look for him playing some strong safety as well as the linebacker position.


RE: Did the running game hurt you?

We thought we could be a little bit more effective in the running game than we were. The teams that haven't been effective in the running game obviously haven't had a lot of success against Carolina. We tried to establish the run, and we couldn't.  I think that's one of the reasons why we weren't as effective as we normally are moving the football.  Credit to them.  They stopped the running game. They put us in a one dimensional game.  It's hard to do against Carolina.

RE:  Were you aware of the Kansas City/San Diego Game?

Yes, I was aware of what happened.  Our team wasn't.

RE:  How disappointing was it not to clinch today?

You can't worry about something you can't control relative to the Kansas City/San Diego football game.  We want to play our best football in December.  Obviously, we didn't do that today.  You have to play very good in all areas.  We started the game fairly good on offense, but couldn't get much going.  Defensively, I thought we made some plays when we had to, but didn't play defense like we could against an excellent wide receiver.  So, give them credit.  We can go back and get ready for Buffalo and look at the things we did poorly. We've got to get ready for Buffalo in our backyard on Sunday.

RE:  Kuper's Injury

I think it's a broken bone in his hand. How badly it's broken? I'm not really sure. 

RE:  Turnover

Because we've done it before.  All of a sudden you get 40 or 50 yards. You've got a couple of timeouts left.  You call a timeout and get a couple of slant routes, and you go for the field goal. We thought we'd get outside, and we did.  Unfortunately, we didn't hold onto the ball.

RE:  Did any running back stand out to you?

I'll have to look at the film before I tell you that. I was disappointed in our turnover at the end of the half.  From a seven-point game to a 10-point game. That was disappointing.  But we've got some guys who'll get some playing time here over the next couple of weeks once they get better each week. 

RE:  Activating an additional fullback

You have to have a back-up.  You can't go to a one-dimensional game and have one full-back and all of a sudden he goes down and you throw out your whole game plan.  We weren't really sure what we were going to do.  We had a few guys banged up during the week.  So, we decided to go in that direction.

RE:  Champ Bailey being inactive.  Was he ever close to playing?

Not enough to play. We decided to keep him out.  He would not have been able to play. 

RE:  Will Bailey be ready soon?

I'm hoping we get a chance if it keeps on getting better, but he wasn't able to go today.

Jay Cutler                                            Quarterback                             Denver Broncos                      

RE: San Diego comeback?

I didn't really know what was going on. I think after we scored, maybe somewhere in the first quarter we found out they won.

RE: Pressure

They pressured us a little bit. We weren't able to run the ball as well as we wanted to. They started bring some heat so we had it hard.

RE: Overall?

We had a turnover. We had two turnovers. We couldn't get the running game going again. We kind of kept them off balance those first couple of drives. We'll just go back and look at the films and see what's going on. We've got to get ready for the Buffalo game.

RE: Running game?

I don't know how many yards we had. I don't what's happening.

RE: Do you think it (running game) can get going?

We have the last couple of games. We'll be fine.

RE: Issue

I don't think it's an issue. Kory (K-Lich) just got beat. It happens.

RE: Where do you think you stand right now?

Win the next game and we're in. Pretty simple.


Brandon Marshall                                Denver Broncos                       Wide Receiver            

On the offensive side of the ball we were having a big day. We have to take our hats off to Carolina's defense. They did a great job of mixing it up and rattling us a little bit. Its kind of disappointing.

RE: You don't see Denver's offense get rattled too much?

Maybe I used the wrong word but today we didn't play the game. We knew coming in if we wanted to beat these guys in their back yard we would have to play a complete game.

RE: What specifically did the defense do to you?

They didn't do anything special. I probably saw one or two different coverages. They pretty much just played cover three and cover eight. We just didn't get the job done.

RE: Knowing before kickoff that Kansas City could help you win the division, but with the way the season is going you knew it wouldn't be that easy?

We talk about it all the time like every other team in the NFL. We want to play our best ball in December and get some momentum going into the playoffs. We didn't really worry about Kansas City, not saying that we didn't pay attention to it. We wanted to play our best ball today just to have some momentum going into the end of December.

RE: After the first two drives going so well did the Panthers do anything to adjust?

They pretty much just mixed up coverages. They did a good job of getting pressure on the quarterback and just mixing it up a little bit. The best team won today, hats off to them.

RE: With the running game struggling, what kind of pressure did that put on you?

I don't think that the running game is struggling. I think with the backs that we have back there; Tatum Bell and Selvin Young did a great job. Selvin was back, I don't think he's 100% but he did a great job when he got his opportunities. I think the average was pretty good we just didn't give them a lot of opportunities.

RE: How much does a turnover like the one in the first half change the momentum?

It hurts. We preach about it all the time as far as ball security and doing a good job of controlling the ball and controlling the game. It was Selvin's first game back and he was rusty a little bit and he got hit right on the ball, freak play. We should be there as teammates to pick him back up. We have Buffalo. This is one of those games that definitely hurts but we have to remember to have short memory and just get Buffalo in our backyard.

RE: As a receiver what is it like to see your QB under pressure?

It was definitely something different for us today because I haven't seen that since last year. I remember the San Diego game last year, it just seemed like we couldn't get ball off. They were doing a good job of getting to Jay. This year we have been keeping him clean. Our offense has been doing a great job, our offensive line. Today they mixed it up a little bit and threw some different things at us, so hats off to those guys.

P.J. Pope                      Running Back                         Denver Broncos                      

RE: Game tempo?


We just got out of rhythm. You know we had the turnover there. We gave them momentum there. I think if we had  stayed in rhythm, controlled the ball, it was pretty much on us.

RE: Your touchdown?

It felt good but it would have been better if we could have put a W in the win column. That was the main thing. If I would have scored and we would have won I would have been extremely happy.

RE: Carolina defense

I can't really speak on Carolina's defense. They played a good game. I don't know exactly what they did but it just didn't work out for us today. They got the best of us today.  We've just got to go back, stay focused and look toward making the playoffs.

RE: San Diego?

We couldn't focus on San Diego. We had to focus on us because we control our own destiny.

Josh Bell                         Cornerback                                                   Denver Broncos                      

RE: Outcome?

They made the plays today and we didn't.

RE: Panthers Steve Smith


Steve Smith made his plays. He's a Pro Bowl kind of receiver and he's probably a future {NFL} Hall of Famer. He made his plays. He capitalized on our mistakes today.

RE: San Diego game outcome?

I don't know if we ever realized it. I think we had started playing before they got finished so unless somebody looked at the scoreboard we didn't know it.

RE: Played a good team today.

Yeah. They're playing good football and they continued to play good football today. The better team won.

RE: Still in great shape.

That's the great thing. You come off a heartbreaking loss like this where you get out-played but you get another opportunity to go out and win on Sunday and that's how you shake it off real fast. You get your mind right on Monday. Come in, correct your mistakes then you've got three days to go to work then you come back on Sunday with an opportunity to win the game.


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