A Look at the Bills, In the Trenches

The Bill’s defensive front seven is somewhat similar to our own. They are on the small side. They have no fat guys. They have been less than stellar at getting to the opposing quarterback. They seem to have a lot of heart, but the front seven is not the strength of the Bill’s team. They are trying to grow their own through the draft as much as possible. They line up in a standard 4-3 and play a base Cover 2.


The starter at Left Defensive End is #90 Christopher Kelsay who is 6’4” and 261. He was drafted out of Nebraska in 2003. His backup is Ryan Denney who hails from Brighton CO. Denny is a tall 6’7” and 264 lbs. He was drafted by Buffalo in 2002 from BYU and wears #92.


The Left Defensive Tackle is #99 Marcus Stroud. Stroud is 6’6” and 310 lbs. He is perhaps the most recognizable name on the Bill’s front seven. He is in his eighth year in the NFL and spent the first seven with Jacksonville. His backup is Spencer Johnson who is 6’3” and 286 and wears #91.


Kyle Williams starts at Right Defensive Tackle. Williams is 6’1” and 306.He was drafted by Buffalo in 2006 out of LSU and wears #95.


The Left Defensive End is Copeland Bryan who is in his second year out of Arizona. He is 6’4” and 253 and wears #96. Bryan replaces Aaron Schobel who hasn’t played since week five and was finally placed on the IR last week. The other DE the Bills have is rookie Chris Ellis who is 6’4” and 261 and wears #93.


The Weak Side Linebacker is 6’1” 253 lb. Kawika Mitchell. He wears #59 and we are very familiar with Mr. Mitchell from his four years with the chefs. He is in his second year with Buffalo.


Paul Posluszny wearing #51 starts at Middle Linebacker. He is 6’1” and 238 lbs. He is in his second year out of Penn State.


The Strong Side Linebacker is Keith Ellison. Ellison is 6’ even and 229. He wears #56 and was drafted out of Oregon in 2006.


The offensive line is a different story. These guys are huge and will definitely give our D-Line and Linebackers a handful.


Starting at Right tackle is Langston Walker, #68. Walker is 6’6” and 366. We recognize Walker from the five years he played for the raiders. This is his second year with Buffalo. His backup is Kirk Chambers #73 who is 6’7” and 315. He is a four year veteran of the NFL and in his second year with Buffalo.


The Center is the smallest man on the line at 6’3” and 310 lbs. Melvin Fowler wears #67 and is in his third year with Buffalo. Brian Galliford from the Buffalo Rumblings site didn’t seem to keen on Fowler and if they take him out his replacement is Duke Preston. Preston wears #75 and is 6’5” and weighs 326. Preston was drafted by Buffalo in 2005 from Illinois.


The Left Guard is Derrick Dockery #66. Dockery is 6’6” and 330. He is in his third year with Buffalo.


The Left Tackle is Jason Peters. Peters is 6’4” and 340. He is in his fifth year, all with Buffalo. He wears #71. Peters was named to the pro-bowl over our Ryan Clady, much to the dismay of the MHR faithful. Even if we feel Clady was overlooked, we still must recognize a formidable opponent this week.


Buffalo has three Tight Ends on the roster. Robert Royal is 6’4” and 255lbs. He is a seven year veteran, the last four with Buffalo. #84 has 30 receptions for 313 yards. Ryan Clady might get a chance to reacquaint himself with an old teammate from Boise State, Derek Schouman. Schouman is 6’2” and 223 and in his second year, both with Buffalo. He has 13 receptions so far this year for 147 yards. Look for #80. The third Tight End is rookie Derek Fine. Fine is 6’3” and 247. He wears #86 and has caught eight passes this year for 86 yards.


Firstfan’s conclusions: We should be able to move the ball. Our O-Line should be able to give Cutler plenty of time and they should be able to open some cutback lanes for our (could it be seventh?) string running back, whoever that might be. On the other side of the ball things could be different. The Buffalo offensive line matches up well against our defense front seven. These guys could give Edwards or Losman time to exploit weaknesses in our secondary exposed last week by Carolina. In addition, this huge line could open plenty of holes for Marshawn Lynch to blast through. This unit does zone block, but they have the size and strength to pound the line man on man if they need to. In goal line situations we can look for the push to come over Peters and Dockery. We do not want to give these guys a huge TOP advantage. It is really tough for Cutler and Co. to score when they are riding the pine. I am certain that later in the week HT and TedBartlett will give much more in-depth analysis and will include the “skill” positions, but at least this gives us a glimpse at the cast of characters we will face on the lines. I think we can beat the Bills, but not if we don’t come with our “A” game, In the Trenches.





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