Wedensday's With Shanny and Cutler -- Week 16 Presser


On G Chris Kuper and T Ryan Clady's health

"We will find out over the next couple of days. It (his hand) is quite sore right now. Ryan Clady is sore right now but we will have to just wait and see."

On if T Ryan Clady will be back at practice this week

"I hope so. If he doesn't then won't be able to play. We will find out. He couldn't practice today because he is still quite sore. Hopefully it heals up before game time."

On the play of QB Jay Cutler affecting the entire team

"You have to look at what you have. We have lost a number of backs and the running game is not the same as it has been for obvious reasons. We have a running game at times and we will always stress the running game. Obviously, we can't be one dimensional but it does put a lot of pressure on the quarterback, there is no question about it. He has handled it very well."

On CB Champ Bailey's status for Sunday's game

"We have to see something on Friday or Saturday. You can kind of see by his mannerisms if there is a chance to play. Sometimes there is, sometimes there is not. He looked a little bit better today so that was a good sign. Champ knows if he can go. He is very competitive. He is not a guy that you have to tell to go. He is a guy that wants to go before you tell him. We will look at him during the week and get a feeling if there is a chance."

On having so many young guys playing in a big game

"It is a great opportunity for these guys who have never been in the playoffs, who have never had a chance to fight for a playoff spot. It is what you look forward to and it is a great opportunity and hopefully we take advantage of it."

On the Pro Bowl

"It is a nice award for Brandon (Marshall) and a nice award for (Jay) Cutler. It is very well deserved for both guys. You can take a look at (C Casey) Wiegmann as a first-team alternate and I thought that was nice. For Champ (Bailey) to miss as many games as he has and be chosen kind of tells you what people think of him. There are always a lot of players out there that have very good seasons. Sometimes, you are never really sure why someone makes it or doesn't make it. I just know (T) Ryan Clady has had a heck of a year and we have a bunch of players that have played exceptionally well. You can't worry about that you just have to keep on going, hopefully get to the playoffs and take advantage of the opportunity. I thought (WR) Eddie Royal has had a heck of a year with what he has done for us as a receiver and a returner. There are a bunch of guys that were close and will have a good chance in the next year or two."

On playing in the cold

"It is dealing with the elements. It is part of the game. I don't care if it is rain or snow; It is how you handle things. It is more mental than it is physical. If you say you hate the cold and you don't want to be out there than it is miserable. If you say, ‘Hey, I am going to handle it better than the opposing team,' then the chances are you are going to handle it better than the opposing team. I really don't get caught up in those situations. We talk about it before the season starts and we talk about it as it gets into these months. It is about who is tougher mentally and Buffalo is not used to cold weather so we have a big advantage out there (laughing)." 

On what it means for WR Brandon Marshall to be named a starter at the Pro Bowl

"Obviously it is a great accomplishment. Any time you get voted to the Pro Bowl, especially first team, it speaks volumes of him from the fans, coaches and peers. I think he should be very proud. With that responsibility and honor, you want to play at a certain level. Hopefully he keeps on doing that."

On if he will rest starters against San Diego if the Broncos clinch a playoff berth Sunday

"Lets hopefully have that conversation next week. We are going to play to win all of our games regardless of what the scenario is. Hopefully we can take care of business this weekend."




On what he remembers about last season's comeback win in Buffalo

"It was nuts. The communication wasn't as great as you want it to be, especially in the two-minute drill. We had a base offense on the field and we were trying to run some plays that (RB) Cecil Sapp wasn't really familiar with. It was a mess, but (WR) Javon (Walker) came up with some big catches and we kept moving."

On being named to the Pro Bowl

"Any time you make the Pro Bowl it is an accomplishment, especially in this league with the amount of talent. At receiver and quarterback there are a lot of guys out there that are deserving. It is something special."

On this game being similar to the 2006 season finale against the 49ers with Denver battling for a playoff berth

"It was a big game. This is a big game and everyone in the building understands that. We have some guys that are banged up, but hopefully we will get them back, we will have to wait and see. Everyone is going to be ready to play this one. It is important to everyone in the building."

On if the hit that knocked him out of the 2006 season finale against the 49ers was the worst he has taken

"No, not at all. Most of the time those hits that cause concussions or other injuries are the little ones. Getting hit just right, it happened to (WR Brandon) Stokley this year. You hit it just right and it happens."

On facing the Bills

"They are a good team, solid. They don't really do that much stuff but what they do, they do it very well. We are just going to have to be on top of it, take care of the ball and convert on third downs. Hopefully we will get (Brandon) Stokley back, but we will see what happens."

On the Broncos being forced to use several players at running back

"I don't even pay attention. I am not for sure what we are going to do this week or who is going to be back there. Hopefully, we get the running game going and it opens some stuff up for us."

On if he is concerned about T Ryan Clady and G Chris Kuper being injured

"We have dealt with it all year long with injuries, offensively and defensively. We will see how they are at the end of the week and evaluate them. Hopefully, we can have them."

On playing well at the end of the year

"We have talked about playing our best football in December and into the playoffs. Obviously, we would like to win this one. We don't want to go down to San Diego and have to play them in their backyard. If it does happen, then we will get ready for that game and it will be a big one. We are going to go out and see what happens on Sunday."

On the Broncos winning or losing based on his play

"Every quarterback goes out there and if you throw two or three interceptions than the chances of you winning decrease drastically. This game is obviously a little bit more important and the stakes are a little bit higher, but I am not going to change anything. I am going to keep playing like I have all year and keep preparing like I have."

On similarities between the 2006 team and this year's team

"It is a totally different feel for me and a totally different feel for everyone in the locker room. We have a completely different team. I have a lot more experience and the guys have more confidence than we did (in 2006) in themselves and in me. It is totally different, at least from my perspective."

On TE Daniel Graham catching more passes

"I think it just kind of naturally happened. We were attacking so much outside and attacking with Tony (Scheffler) down the middle that teams started scratching him off. They figured if we threw him the ball they would rally to make a tackle. DG, very rarely does the first guy get him down. He has been working the middle so well, getting open and finding the soft spot. Once he does get the ball, he gets that extra five or six yards. He has been a nice compliment naturally through our offense."


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