Brandon Marshall Thursday Presser -- Week 16

On playing in the cold weather this weekend

"That is what football is about in December. We have all been playing football since we were young so this is nothing new to us. I remember days back in Pittsburgh where there was snow all over the field. This is nothing new, it is kind of exciting actually."

More on coping with cold weather

"Like I said, I am from Pittsburgh so I have been around the snow and cold all my life. Basically, I just have to stay by the heater and do my best to stay warm. You can use heat packs, or just put on another layer of clothes (to stay warm)."

On the pressure of making the playoffs

"Just to be able to say that we still have a chance to go to the playoffs is a big deal to me. We are going to take advantage of our opportunity this week. It is exciting to go against Buffalo in our own backyard and have a chance to clinch this weekend. I don't think there is any pressure. I just think it is another game for all of us to show what we can do."

On being named to the 2009 Pro Bowl

"I was feeling really good on Tuesday when I found out. Since then my main focus has been Buffalo. There are so many more accolades in success and winning. All I am worried about is playing Buffalo."

On if the team was to miss the playoffs

"It would definitely not be good to miss the playoffs this year. It would be really bad. The past two years we have had that nasty taste in our mouths being home and watching the postseason. We feel if we can get into the playoffs, we have a chance to do some dangerous things."

On how important it is to win in the playoffs

"It is really important. If we want to compete with the best of them then we have to be able to be in those games. They are big games and that is what we work hard for all season. Teams win games in the offseason. With the work we put into mini camps and OTA's (organized team activities), it doesn't compare to a lot of teams. We work hard and I think we deserve to get into the playoffs but only if the guys in this locker room can put it together and get us there."

On the Buffalo Bills secondary

"(CB Terrence) McGee is a guy who has been to a Pro Bowl for kick return and that tells you how athletic he is. (CB Leodis) McKelvin has been making plays on special teams and defense. I'm a football fan and he (McKelvin) is fun to watch. It is going to be exciting to see me and Eddie (Royal) compete against those guys. Their safeties are good and hard hitting; it is going to be fun."

On being a dangerous team

"We only stop ourselves. When you look at (QB) Jay (Cutler) and what he is able to do and how he makes everyone around him feel comfortable. He makes everyone pick up their game. We are dangerous. We are dangerous on the offensive side of the ball when we play with confidence. If we limit our mistakes against Buffalo, we can be dangerous on Sunday."

On QB Jay Cutler

"He is definitely a franchise quarterback and when it is all said and done, he will go down as one of the best."

On facing a Bills team that is out of the playoffs but still a threat

"If a team is not in the playoffs, they want to take somebody home with them. It is not easy. A lot of people think, ‘oh you are going up against a team that is 6-8,' but those teams are the ones you don't want to see at the end of the season when you need a win. They are dangerous. They are men just like us and they are going to strap on the pads and compete."

On TE Daniel Graham

"He is a force. If I could only use one word it would be force. When he gets the ball in his hands, he and I compete because I like to say I am the king of the YAC (yards after catch), but lately it has been Daniel. He punishes defenders when they come up to tackle him. It is exciting to watch him run with the ball, it is kind of like watching Eddie (Royal)."

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