Jay Cutler's End of Year Presser

On losing to San Diego to end the season

"Obviously, it's disappointing. We wanted to get into the playoffs and try to make a run, but the Chargers were playing really well and it wasn't the case. We missed some opportunities this year but it's time to move on.

"We had a couple drops early, we had some penalties on two drives and had to punt and then we were playing catch up. It's tough when you get into that situation. We had to go for it on a couple fourth downs and take some shots we probably normally wouldn't have tried to take and tried to score some points in a hurry."

On his play this season

"I played all right. You can always get better. In the next couple months, I will start watching film, breaking down things, seeing what we did (well) and seeing what we did badly."

On being vocal with WR Eddie Royal after a dropped pass

"Eddie is fine. I would do it again probably if presented with the same opportunity. We joked about it on the plane, and he is a good dude. He loves to play and he was probably more disappointed in himself than I was in him."

On the pressure on the offense

"We had a lot of pressure, especially I think in this last game. Obviously, defensively we were a little banged up and offensively we were missing some running backs. I thought (RB) Tatum (Bell) did a great job, but I think at that point we were kind of living and dying on throwing the ball and making (plays) happen through the air. Whenever you go up against a team like (San Diego) with the way they were playing and the way they were moving the ball, (if) you start making mistakes early on you are going to dig yourself in a hole that is hard to get out of."   

On his health

"I feel great-only 11 sacks this year, which is (a) phenomenal (job) by our offensive line. (There were) not a lot of hits, so I feel really good.

"I'm heavier now that I probably was at the start of the year and I feel good about it (controlling diabetes)."

On how he has improved this year

 "I think (Quarterbacks Coach) Jeremy (Bates) did a great job this year coming in and expanding the offense, challenging me a little bit , putting some new stuff in and just taking it to the next level. You have to give him a lot of credit for what we were able to do offensively this year.

"I can always get better. There are things I do every game that I wish I could always have back. You can't change anything now. You have to look forward to the future, get back to OTAs and training camp and try to make another run."

On what changes the team needs to make in the offseason

"I don't know. I think everybody just needs to take a step back and reflect on (the season), look at the film and make some decisions in the next couple months. I don't think anything needs to be said or done right now. (The organization) will make the changes when necessary down the road."

On the team's youth

"It makes a difference with how young we are, especially offensively. Everybody is kind of learning on the run out there. We are making mistakes out there and learning from them. We are trying to correct things from week to week. The longer we are together the better we are going to get. We are all young, we will all hopefully be around here a little bit longer and we will get better and better each year."

On whether he will spend time working out with his receivers in the offseason

"I don't know. I have to talk to (WR) Eddie (Royal) and (TE) Tony (Scheffler) and all of those guys to see exactly what they want to do. I think (WR) Brandon (Marshall) will probably spend a lot of time in Orlando. I don't know what Eddie's plans are. Last (offseason), I was kind of still dealing with my health issues and we weren't really able to get a lot of the work done that we wanted to."

On whether improving the defense will take pressure off the offense

"I thought they did a good job. We don't want to point fingers around here. Offensively, we could have done some things better and taken care of the ball in certain games. I think (the organization is) going to try and improve all three areas (offense, defense and special teams). Offensively, I'm sure we are going to get some new guys in here to help us out. Defensively, I'm sure they are going to follow suit."

On whether he has to take some time away from football

"Absolutely. It's a long year. It's a very long year from the start of OTAs all the way through the 16-game season. I'm definitely going to get out of here."

On whether he expects Denver to be in the playoffs next season

"Yes, I do. I think with (Head coach) Mike (Shanahan) and the front office, they are going to make some moves and try to improve us as a whole team. I love the direction the offense is going with Jeremy (Bates) leading us, the coaching, the offensive line and the receivers. I think we have a real chance next year."

On dealing with the injuries at the running back position (seven backs placed on season-ending injury lists)

"I think we all dealt with it pretty well. I think we went through six, seven, eight running backs and not knowing from game to game who was going to be in there. It's tough and I thought the offensive line probably handled it the best still opening up holes and still being able to protect me when everyone in the stadium knew we were going to throw. You go through things each year. Each year is different and that's just how it happened this year."


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