Brandon Marshall's End of Year Presser

Opening statement

"We didn't get it done this year - simple as that. We have a lot of talent in this locker room, we have a lot of great coaches, and we've got to do a better job of just playing together. Last night, I said we have to re-evaluate ourselves first individually. It's not a selfish thing - I think if everybody worries about themselves and gets their job done, we'll be better off. So last night I took a timeout to re-evaluate myself, and I didn't get it done this year. You look at the Pro Bowl, you look at 100 catches - that wasn't good enough. I should have been a better leader on and off the field. On the field, too many drops. Way too many drops. I just didn't make enough big plays. I expected a lot more out of myself, and it's as simple as that. We've got to look each other in the eye now and see where we go from here."

On being the No. 1 guy

"I think Eddie Royal helped me out a lot. Just to see this guy have 91 catches his rookie campaign, there's only a couple guys who have done that. Almost reach 1,000 yards, 20 yards short of that. You see the job (TE) Tony Scheffler did even while he was banged up. (WR Brandon) Stokley, and all the backs we had coming in and out. (QB) Jay Cutler played great this year. So hats off to those guys. On the offensive side of the ball we did as best as we could when we got opportunities. Hopefully we can build off of that next year."

On yards after catch vs. speed and separation

"I think I'm going to get back to Orlando and work out with my school and see if I can get back to where I used to be."

On his development

"We knew early on they were going to have guys on me, pressing me, trying to be physical with me at the line. Maybe not doubling me but keeping an eye on me, one or two guys. So it was on (WR) Eddie (Royal) and (TE) Tony (Scheffler) to do their jobs as far as moving the ball, and they did that. We moved the ball really well the first couple drives, we've just got to punch it in. I think this offseason we're going to work on our red zone and get the job done from there."

On inconsistency

"Not at all. I don't think that had anything to do with it. I think we were just inconsistent because we didn't get it done. We blew our opportunities. We could have dropped more games than we did if you look at it, and we could have won more. That's part of being in the National Football League. It's really disappointing not just to us, but to our fans. The Denver community is a football city, hard working, and they expect more. It's a bad feeling to be losers this year and not be in the playoffs."

On the defense

"I don't watch film on that side of the ball. I can't really say what they're doing wrong over there or if they're doing anything wrong. Special teams, too. I don't play special teams - all I play is wide receiver. All I know is toward the end of the year they started doing some good things over there (on defense). Even yesterday if you look at it, it was just two or three big plays - a one-handed catch by (San Diego TE Antonio) Gates, a diving catch by (San Diego WR) Vincent (Jackson) - and that hurt us early. You take away those plays and we're probably in the ballgame. But I respect San Diego. We rah-rah and do all that jawing back and forth when we play, but at the end of the day we have to respect those guys. They're a good football team and I think they're going to be dangerous in the postseason. Good job to them and hats off to them."

On if the offense feels pressure to score

"It has nothing to do with the defense. I think we as an offense, we pride ourselves on trying to score every time we touch the ball. We're so explosive, we have so many guys that can move the chains and get the ball in the end zone that we're disappointed in ourselves if we don't score. That's something we didn't get done the whole season - we were inconsistent. With the guys we have in this offense, I think next year we'll be dangerous."

On if he plans to workout with QB Jay Cutler during the offseason

"Yeah, absolutely."

On making the playoffs next year

"We're going to build off this year. We're going to do a better job of just being more consistent."


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