Denver Broncos 24 - Kansas City Chiefs 17 -- Post Game Thread


Category Broncos Chiefs
Score 24 17
Rushing Yards
139 83
Passing Yards
286 177
Total Yards 425 260
T.O.P 36:38


It wasn't easy.  Nothing this season has been for the Denver Broncos.  Much maligned for playing down to their competition this year, the Broncos started the day knowing all they had to do was keep winning and the AFC West, in addition to a #3 seed in the AFC.  All that was in their way from continuing that Quest were the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that had only 2 victories on the season.  One of those wins came against the Broncos, of course, and nothing is ever simple in the AFC West.

We all saw the way the game started.  Shoddy special teams, a FG allowed, then the big Pick-6.  Down 10 the Broncos had a choice -- fall prey to what has ailed them all season or make a stand on home turf and defend the their homefield, their division, their playoff lives.  Luckily for all of us, they chose the latter.

Overcoming the turnover, some questionable officiating, more injuries to the running backs and a Kansas City Chiefs team that should make their fans proud with their effort, the Broncos found a way to get it done.

Hats off to Jay Cutler for having the mental toughness to shake off the slow start, take what the Chiefs were giving and lead the Broncos, HIS Broncos to victory.

A tip of the cap to Brandon Marshall, who admitted this week that he was hampered by a hip injury and wanted to re-assert himself as a great receiver.  He did just that, with 11 catches for 91 tough yards and 2 TDs. 

Of course, the defense, patched together, still missing their two best players, played their best overall game of the season.  They held the Chiefs to 260 total yards of offense, only 83 on the ground, and forced to Chiefs to earn the 10 points they scored against them.  Perhaps this group can find  way to become just good enough heading into the playoffs.

We'll talk about all of this on MHR Radio Post Game at 8PM est.  Until then, talk about a huge Broncos win here.  Oh yea, and about that #3 seed.  Thanks, San Francisco!

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