The Official MHR Free Agency Open Thread!!!

Here's a place to throw out thoughts on the upcoming free agency rush of buys and trades.

Here are some of my thoughts, and be sure to throw out some of yours.

Rogers - no way.  Not only is he an underperformer, but his legal history is shameful.  I wouldn't want him for free.

Walker - His bonus/cut deadline is coming up, so I hope we get a trade.  At this point (since he's a goner) I would be happy with almost anything.

Moss - (WR from NE) I think he would work out, but very short term.  Might be an answer until a draft pick pans out.

Vilma - (ILB from the Jets) Everyone at MHR seems to love the guy.  I think his speed alone makes him a good fit.  But I still don't want to move Williams outside (he could be our future there for years to come), and Vilma does have some injury issues.  If we picked up Vilma with the intent of turning around and trading him for something else I would be good with that.

Safeties - There are several safeties being mentioned coming to Denver during FA.  If we don't take Phillips (and I doubt that we do) I think Denver will get a solid SAF in FA, and perhaps a low round SAF for depth.

Our own FAs - I think Denver will deal Foxworth.  I think we keep Paymah for nickle.  I hope we keep Hamza (I can't imagine the depth issues we'll have with Lynch being questionable to stay and no decent SAFs without Hamza around).  And as I've argued in other threads, I really hope we keep Meyers.  I think Meyers has an excellent chance of starting this year if there is an injury, and will almost certainly start in '09.

Robertson - (DT from the Jets) I honestly don't know what I think about Robertson.  I do know that some of the discussion about him is critical of his sack numbers, but that isn't always a fair way to judge a DT.  Some DTs are tasked more with stopping the run or tying up the o-line, and so they do a great job and don't get flashy numbers.  I'd like to know more before I make up my mind.

"Booger" McFarland - (DT from the Colts) I've seen this guy a lot, having been in the INDY televised area.  He's solid, and has my respect.


Walker deserves a lot of discussion.  He is going to be cut or traded, so I'm thinking Denver will try to shop him as part of a deal as much as possible in the next several hours to four days.

At this point I would trade Walker for any position that would help us out.  I think he has very good trade value for a team wanting a WR.  I believe his injury issue is low risk, and (despite what fans think of him personaly) he is an excellent deep field threat.  I think he is worth a second round pick, but I don't know if we could get that.  I would be happy with a third, or a fourth and any lower round pick.

I would like to see a straight up trade for a decent WR.  Any WR we get could play at #2 with Marshall, and if we score big on any of our (expected) WR draft picks then we could have an awesome stable of WRs.  

Imagine a trade of Walker for Moss.  NE gets the better deal since they get a long term prospect at WR, and we get what is left of Moss's career.  But Marshall and any young draft picks could learn from Moss, and he would be excellent while he was here.  He would make '08 and '09 a threat against any team.  As someone else mentioned, he would love to stick it to oak and perhaps NE (three of our games next year), and would also be a good source of intell on those teams.

Walker for a SAF, an OLB, or a zone block OC or zone block OT would be good too.

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