Roster Breakdown - a final look before the draft

Here's one last look at the state of the roster before the draft.  Denver has 9 draft picks and will probably add 3 or 4 free agents during or right after the draft.  So I am guessing three or four guys will get cut before the draft to make room on the roster, although I guess they could wait and see if they make any trades during the draft that open up a roster spot(s).  Denver will have to cut another set of players in July when they sign the rookie draftees.

Based solely on roster numbers, Denver needs to add a kicker and a punter/kicker. They need to add at least 2 DT, 1 OT and one other OL.  Based on talent and contract situations, I will guess that Denver adds a DB and at least one more DL, possibly two. They will also add some type of offensive skill position player (RB/WR), possibly 2 as well as possibly another offensive lineman.  That makes for 6 "definite" and 3 "likely" additions and 3 "possiblities" for a total of 12.  This matches up pretty well with the 12-13 players that I project them adding.

I thought about trying to predict how it will all break down, but this season is tougher than most to read.  Nonetheless,  I will throw a few things out there.  Denver trades a 4th/5th and 6th/7th for D-Rob.  They use a 6th/7th on a P or K.  They use one 4th rounder on a DT and a 4th/5th rounder on a OL.  They will sign a free agent P or K (whichever is not drafted).  And to fill the last "definite need" Denver will either sign a free agent or use a first day pick.  Assuming they sign a free agent, Denver would have filled the "definite" needs while keeping 4 picks for other needs (1st, 2nd, 4th/5th, 7th).  With those "extra" picks, nothing short of drafting Matt Ryan would surprise me.  But  I do think Denver has the flexibility to take the players they want (best player available or biggest improvement over the current roster or whatever) on the first day knowing that they should be able to fill their remaining needs later in the draft.

Pos Min Curr My # Locks Probable Looks Good for now Still on the Bubble
QB 4 4 2 of 4 Jay Cutler
Patrick Ramsey

Darnell Hackney
Cullen Finnerty
RB 6 8 5 of 7 Travis Henry
Selvin Young
Andre Hall
Cecil Sapp
Mike Bell
Marquis Weeks
Steven Jackson
Paul Smith
WR 8 10 8 of 9 Brandon Marshall
Keary Colbert
Brandon Stokely
Glenn Martinez
Darrell Jackson
Sammie Parker
Taylor Jacobs
Edell Shepherd
Marquay McDaniel Cliff Russell
TE 6 6 5 of 6 Daniel Graham
Tony Scheffler
Nate Jackson
Chad Mustard
Mike Leach

Brett Pierce
OL 13 11 9 of 13 Tom Nalen
Ben Hamilton
Casey Wiegmann
Montrae Holland
Chris Kuper
Ryan Harris
Erik Pears
PJ Alexander
Ian Snell
Mark Fenton
Norm Katnik

DE 7 10 6 of 9 Jarvis Moss
Elvis Dumervil
Tim Crowder
Ebenezer Ekuban
John Engelberger
Kenny Peterson
Larry Birdine
Julian Jenkins
Nic Clemons
Paul Carrington
DT 7 5 4 of 7 Alvin McKinley
Marcus Thomas
Steven Harris
Josh Mallard Michael Bozeman
LB 8 9 6 of 8 DJ Williams
Boss Bailey
Niko Koutouvides
Jamie Winborn
Nate Webster
Louis Green
Jordan Beck Brandon Archer
William Kershaw
CB 6 6 4 of 6 Champ Bailey
Dre Bly
Dominique Foxworth
Karl Paymah
Lamont Reid Christian Morton
S 6 8 4 of 6 John Lynch
Marlon McCree
Marquay McDaniel
Hamza Abdullah

Rod Rogers
Marviel Underwood
Steve Cargile
Vickiel Vaughn
P 2 2 2 of 3 Sam Palescu Danny Baugher

K 2 1 1 of 2 Matt Prater

75 80 56 of 80 44 12 9 15

Some notes on the chart.
The min column are the minimum values taken from my previous diaries. They add up to 75 of the 80 spots.
  (The darker rows in that column are ones I project the Broncos will bring over the min to camp)
The "My #" is the number of "Locks"+"Probables" then my guess for the number brought to camp.
  (ie. "3 of 5" means that there are a combination of three players who are locks or probable and the team will bring 5 guys to camp)
Anyone with any doubt went into the "Bubble" column.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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