2008 NFL Draft 6th & 7th Rounds - Open Thread

Onto the 6th round!  Is this where we draft a kicker?  I am still hoping against hope for Xavier Omon!


Round 6

1.(167) Dallas Cowboys - DE Erik Walden, Middle Tennessee State

2.(168) Washington Redskins - P Durant Brooks, Georgia Tech

3.(169) Oakland Raiders - TE Trevor Scott, Buffalo

4.(170) Kansas City Chiefs - OT Barry Richardson, Clemson

5.(171) New York Jets - WR Marcus Henry, Kansas

6.(172) Atlanta Falcons - RB Thomas Brown, Georgia

7.(173) Houston Texans - S Dominque Barber, Minnesota

8.(174) San Francisco 49ers - WR Josh Morgan, Virginia Tech

9.(175) Tampa Bay Bucs - ILB Geno Hayes, Florida State

10.(176) Miami Dolphins - RB Jalen Parmele, Toledo

11.(177) Cincinnati Bengals - FS Corey Lynch, Appalachian State

12.(178) New Orleans Saints - K Taylor Mehlhaff, Wisconsin

13.(179) Buffalo Bills - RB Xavier Omon, Northwest Missouri State

14.(180) Washington Redskins - DB Kareem Moore, Nicholls State

15.(181) Carolina Panthers - DT Nick Hayden, Wisconsin

16.(182) Kansas City Chiefs - WR Kevin Robinson, Utah State

17.(183) Denver Broncos - OLB Spencer Larsen, Arizona

18.(184) Philadelphia Eagles - OT Mike Gibson, California

19.(185) Arizona Cardinals - DE Chris Harrington, Texas A&M

20.(186) Washington Redskins - QB Colt Brennan, Hawaii

21.(187) Minnesota Vikings - C John Sullivan, Notre Dame

22.(188) Pittsburgh Steelers - LB Mike Humpal, Iowa

23.(189) Seattle Seahawks - LS Tyler Schmitt, San Diego State

24.(190) Cleveland Browns - DT Ahtyba Rubin, Iowa State

25.(191) Cleveland Browns - WR Paul Hubbard, Wisconsin

26.(192) San Diego Chargers - CB DeJuan Tribble, Boston College

27.(193) Minnesota Vikings - WR Jaymar Johnson, Jackson State

28.(194) Pittsburgh Steelers - FS Ryan Mundy, West Virginia

29.(195) Miami Dolphins - OG Donald Thomas, Connecticut

30.(196) Indianapolis Colts - TE Tom Santi, Virginia

31.(197) New England Patriots - OLB Bo Ruud, Nebraska

32.(198) New York Giants - QB Andre' Woodson, Kentucky

33.(199) New York Giants - DE Robert Henderson, Southern Miss

34.(200) Philadelphia Eagles - ILB Joe Mays, North Dakota State

35.(201) Indianapolis Colts - C Steve Justice, Wake Forest

36.(202) Indianapolis Colts - RB Mike Hart, Michigan

37.(203) Philadelphia Eagles - OLB Andy Studebaker, Wheaton

38.(204) Miami Dolphins - RB Lex Hilliard, Montana

39.(205) Indianapolis Colts - WR Pierre Garcon, Mount Union

40.(206) Baltimore Ravens - FS Haruki Nakamura, Cincinnati

41.(207) Cincinnati Bengals - TE Matt Sherry, Villanova


Onto the 7th and final round!


Round 7

1.(208) Chicago Bears - DE Ervin Baldwin, Michigan State

2.(209) Green Bay Packers - QB Matt Flynn, LSU

3.(210) Kansas City Chiefs - DE Brian Johnston, Gardner-Webb

4.(211) New York Jets - OT Nate Garner, Arkansas

5.(212) Atlanta Falcons - CB Wilrey Fontenot, Arizona

6.(213) Jacksonville Jaguars - RB Chauncey Washington, Southern Cal

7.(214) San Francisco 49ers - OLB Larry Grant, Ohio State

8.(215) Baltimore Ravens - WR Justin Harper, Virginia Tech

9.(216) Detroit Lions - DT Landon Cohen, Ohio

10.(217) Green Bay Packers - WR Brett Swain, San Diego State

11.(218) Detroit Lions - S Caleb Campbell, Army

12.(219) Buffalo Bills - OT Demetrius Bell, Northwestern State (LA)

13.(220) Denver Broncos - S Josh Barrett, Arizona State

14.(221) Carolina Panthers - OLB Hilee Taylor, North Carolina

15.(222) Chicago Bears - OG Chester Adams, Georgia

16.(223) Houston Texans - QB Alex Brink, Washington State

17.(224) Buffalo Bills - WR Steve Johnson, Kentucky

18.(225) Arizona Cardinals - OT Brandon Keith, Northern Iowa

19.(226) Oakland Raiders - WR Chaz Schilens, San Diego State

20.(227) Denver Broncos - FB Peyton Hillis, Arkansas

21.(228) St. Louis Rams - DB Chris Chamberlain, Tulsa

22.(229) Tennessee Titans - CB Carey Williams, Washburn

23.(230) Philadelphia Eagles - OT King Dunlap, Auburn

24.(231) Cleveland Browns - LB Alex Hall, St. Augustine

25.(232) Atlanta Falcons - TE Keith Zinger, LSU

26.(233) Seattle Seahawks - RB Justin Forsett, California

27.(234) San Diego Chargers - OT Corey Clark, Texas A&M

28.(235) Seattle Seahawks - K Brandon Coutu, Georgia

29.(236) Indianapolis Colts - OL Jamey Richard, Buffalo

30.(237) New Orleans Saints - WR Adrian Arrington, Michigan

31.(238) Tampa Bay Bucs - RB Cory Boyd, South Carolina

32.(239) Kansas City Chiefs - TE Mike Merritt, Central Florida

33.(240) Baltimore Ravens - RB Patrick Allen, Oklahoma

34.(241) Carolina Panthers - OL Jeff Schwartz, Oregon

35.(242) Washington Redskins - DE Rob Jackson, Kansas State

36.(243) Chicago Bears - OLB Joey LaRocque, Oregon State

37.(244) Cincinnati Bengals - DE Angelo Craig, Cincinnati

38.(245) Miami Dolphins - DE Lionel Dotson, Arizona

39.(246) Cincinnati Bengals - WR Mario Urrutia, Louisville

40.(247) Chicago Bears - OT Kirk Barton, Ohio State

41.(248) Chicago Bears - WR Marcus Monk, Arkansas

42.(249) Washington Redskins - FS Chris Horton, UCLA

43.(250) Carolina Panthers - OG Mackenzy Bernadeau, Bentley

44.(251) Buffalo Bills - DB Kennard Cox, Pittsburgh

45.(252) St. Louis Rams - OLB David Vobora, Idaho

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