First off, I have to say that this draft was one of the best we have ever had and could end up like our 06 draft but there are people that are still upset and it is mainly on the later round picks but I have even heard some dislike of taking Eddie Royal with the 42 pick.

Eddie Royal is a great pick.  Some draft sites had him going in the 3rd to 4th round range.  Denver obviously didn't have a 3rd round pick and I guess we weren't planning on trading into the 3rd round.  Royal is a short WR and that is probably his only downside.  He got off press coverage very well in college and we'll see if he can continue that in the pros.  His upside is tremendous and he has often been compared to Steve Smith.  Mainly because of the size, strength, and big play ability.  Royal doesn't catch the ball or run routes like Smith but that can be worked on.  Next you have to look at the other WRs.  Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelley, DeSean Jackson, etc. were all there and Jackson was the only other KR/PR in that range.  I think we took Royal over Jackson because Royal has the potential to be a great WR because Jackson is small and has character concerns even if Rice is mentoring him.  Royal is a little bigger and is extremely strong for his size.  Overall Royal was the best Wide Receiver for us.


Another pick people dislike was Jack Williams.  This confused me a little at first but then I realized Foxworth won't stay even if a starting spot at CB is guranteed when Champ and Dre retire.  I think we'll try to re-sign Karl Paymah though.  Paymah is a good physical CB.  While he may be a bit on the slow side he makes up for it with his physicalness and he really understands angles and how to cover someone.  Jack Williams is a speed corner and can contribute immediately as a gunner on special teams.  He'll be a good CB simply because he has a great work ethic and he can learn under Bly how to overcome his height disadvantage.  We could have taken another corner but Williams is a good high character player that can be a good starter down the road.

The next pick is Ryan Torain.  Torain is a powerful runner with some speed.  He ran a 4.51 at his pro day despite not being fully healthy from his torn toe ligament.  Shannahan does not believe that Young and Hall can be long term solutions and Henry probably won't be here much longer.  Torain is very much like Henry without a whole bunch of injury problems.  Mike said he had a 1st round grade and I believe it because he was doing great before he got hurt.  I think he was lost amongst all the other good RBs when he got hurt.  He is a complete back that can block as well as he can run.  That is really why I loved the pick because he'll get some playing time just because he can block.

No one liked the K-Lic pick but I don't understand why.  Wiegmann's skills have deteriorated rapidly and this is probably Nalen's last year.  I don't think any coach just wanted to hand Wiegmann the starting job without any good competition and Kory can provide that.  Hell he'll probably beat him if he recovers from his injury since he won't play much this year barring something unpredictable.  Now I know he had a terrible Senior Bowl week but I think that was because he was suffering from his shoulder injury.

People started out not liking the Carlton Powell pick but after awhile and after doing some research they noticed how talented this kid actually is.  I mean when you get ran at over 100 times and only allow -13 yards you are doing something right.  Plus he can still add some weight which will be huge.  I think he can be a pretty good starter in the league if he can become a better pass rusher and keep doing what he's doing in the run game.   He'll be a pretty good rotational guy this year and can probably beat out Alvin McKinley in camp.  I loved this pick more than any of our other picks.

I really don't know why everyone was so upset after this draft.  This is one of our best drafts in recent memory.  I loved this draft but I guess some people want to get their guys.  People if you get a position of need be happy.  You can't have your cake and eat it to.

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