Why I Love the Draft


         This is my first ever adventure at this so please be kind. I would like to jump right in and talk about football and, on another day, I will. Instead, however and because I'm brand new to this site, I will talk about me and an annual issue. I think you will see why, to me, the Draft is so special.

          I am an early morning person and sell cars for a living--a tough mix at times --but I enjoy it. I am also prone to depression, refuse to be drugged, and try to keep a steady schedule to fight the onslaughts. Early morning people never use alarm clocks we simply wake up--usually around the same time. For most of the year I will average ten to fifteen cars a month...then comes April (and now March). On this evil day I wake up at four, my smart-clock says its  five, and I can't figure out where that hour went. I wander around wondering why my routine (the rut I love) has been changed. My average for April is 2.5 cars. My average for March was 12, this year it was 6--6 before the evil day--Zero after the evil day.

        I hate to use the word hate (unless it precedes words like the Raiders or the Steelers) but I hate day-light savings. I wander around getting hungry at the wrong time,wanting breaks at the wrong time, and looking for someone to help me reset my watch.  I get home and my smart-clock says 8 O'clock--time for bed--but my brain says 7 O'clock--so I lay there and get a 'try-to-get-to-sleep' headache. Within two days the fog rolls in--my brain becomes inert--and life is meaningless.

         To make matters worse its been weeks since the Super Bowl, months since the Broncos last game, and the only news coming out of Dove Valley is firings, lay-offs, television arms, and drugs in glove boxes.

          I try desperately to regain some touch with reality but researching players I know we can't pick, and watching mock drafts that rarely pan out, only deepens the depression. By late April the fog in my head is so thick that I can barely get out of bed, barely make it to work, or remember how to get home at night.Then it happens...'on the clock' Denver Broncos.

          I love the Draft. Football is back, we know our players, mini camps are close, and life once again has meaning. I really love this years draft--character, grit, and leadership seemed to be the theme. I also happen to be a Boise State fan, having lived in Boise for ten years, so the Clady pick was a double whammy of fun for me. I also love the Royal pick--he seems to be unusually strong for his size and speed.

          Anyway...May is near, the fog is lifting, and that's why I love the Draft.

There!  I've done my daylight savings vent. Thankyou for your patients. Hopefully I will never again make a post in April and next time write about football.



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