Building Depth

So I have seen back and forth left and right on depth vs. what we have signed already. Sometimes this can help with the draft other times it can be a smoke screen. Coach Mike is the master of smoke screens and "where the ** did that draft pick come from" ideas that make sportscasters and Broncos fans alike go "?" I want to break down this one Broncos Fan of our Depth and need. all my info for this was taken from A lot of you read my Mock when I posted the Draft Chart back in Feb/ Early March. That had a few explanations but not many so here we go.

     We have Jay Cutler solidified as our starter. I don't think there is much to say. The guy is a leader, on hell of a QB and the next great Denver QB. After him we have PB&J Ramsey Hackney and Finnerty. We have 4 QB's so that we have four Offensive units running or 4 WR catching at one time. Also Ramsey is in the last year of his 2 year contract and I do not expect Denver to resign him. I think backing up JC will fall into the hands of either Hackney or Finnerty. My money is on Finnerty after the excellent write up Guru gave his bio. I think we are very set here no problems

Grade: A+

Running Back-
     I posted this in one of HT's diaries. I think Mike will give the guys we have now the chance to prove themselves. Young and Hall need to prove they are more than just Spell Backs, and Henry needs to prove he can stay healthy and motivated. After these three you have Weeks, Smith and Bell. I think Bell will get his walking papers if he can't hang onto the football. I foresee this as the situation:
The trio get their chance but do not live up to Coach's Expectations. We drat a running back in next years 1 or second round.

Grade: B

     Here is an area that COULD potentially hold a problem. Our only FB as listed is Stephen Jackson who is not the STL Jackson. The only one on the roster that has played the position successfully is Cecil Sapp. I foresee us moving to the Three Tight End system more and more and this position being an eh whatever thing. That being said we should stop trying to convert our runners into blockers. We should look for the next Griffith not Anderson. Having one SOLD FB would be great as it is we have 2 iffy players here. Sapp was good but he was better as a bruising runner than a blocker. I think this is a position for late round picks/ CFA's. I think that is where we go this year for one.

Grade: C

Wide Receiver-
Marshall is hurt, Colbert is a fading star(I am a USC fan and I can say it!) and Stokely is a slot guy at best. There are some top tier WR's in this draft. I like Arrington (Iowa) in the 4th round because he fits our system. We have to address this  or we are cutting Cutlers legs out from under him. If all the other team has to do is double team B-Marsh and then stuff the box were screwed. We need a speed threat opposite Marshall.

Grade: Pending! (currently around a C)

Tight End-
     Here we have a beauty. One of the best blocking TE in Graham and and up and coming Superstar in Scheffler. Graham can wall of a defender like a grown man stopping people from eating their girl scout cookies. He has some decent hands but is not ideal for receiving. Scheffler makes the sky the limit for him. Decent Speed, Blocking with some outstanding hands for such a young TE. Jackson is a converted wide out so I think he is a catching guy. The few times I watched him play thats what he was there for. Mustard is another blocker. Pretty good at it to from the things I hear. The final guy on the list I have no information on Brett Peirce.

Grade: A

     I am one of those guys who groups all tackles together. I think the difference in right or left really depends on your run stopping ability. That being said we have two solid players here. Harris is a very good run blocker as well as a pass protection guy. Pears is well rounded with what I feel a slight edge on pass protection. either way I would look to see these two starting. I know Coach Mike has said something different but I say they are our starters come day one. Our problem here is depth. Something we really need. I would go after a few late rounders and see if they pan out. worst case scenario here we cut a few guys and lose a few  "K"

Grade: C+

     This position could have some brightness to it. I dont have a problem with Kuper, Holland or Hamilton. I think they provide a good set of guys to build around and start looking at others. My problem here is I only listed one young guy, Kuper. The other two are good but we need to get some depth here. I know we have Snell and Alexander but they are just as old as Holland and Hamilton so they provide nothing as far as depth for years to come. I think we also look for Guards later in the draft as well.

Grade: C+

     With Nalen here I almost went automatically to A++++++. However after looking, I start to understand why we brought in Wigga-migga-whose-it. Mark Fenton is young and talented. With two "seniors" teaching him how to play I think he will develop like mad. Depth could still be a problem with to older guys here(although nalen could play til he's al davis' age!).

Grade: B+

Defensive End:
     With who we have right now I am ok. DOOM, Crowder, Moss are all young guns who will learn a thin or two from Englberger and Eeks. I think we could look at a couple of these in later rounds and come out all right on the rotation. Carrington and company in my opinion are just training camp fodder or practice squad guys. I think the five mentioned above are on the squad.

Grade: A

Defensive Tackle:
     Not much needs to be said here. If Ellis is available we take him! I would even be ok with trading up to secure him but not too much. Keeping the run at bay was hard because of our problems here. We need one more solid guy to sit next to Thomas at the line and help him develop. The rest of the line aka McKinnley and Company are rotational players. None of them have shown starter quality to me so I lump them all together. This is a #1 Draft need.

Grade: C-/D+

     Outside and Inside we did pretty well pugging some gaps, moving people and now here is where depth would help. We have a few depth guys but i can think only six that are currently on our roster will stay. Niko/DJ/Boss as one squad and Winborn/Webster/Beck as another.

Grade: B+/A-

     We went out and signed some guys. Bailey and Bly are still one of the scariest tandems out there but The raiders look to have one as well in Hall and however the heck you say his name. Our Safeties are stop gap and we need to address this as a need around WR in my opinion. There are some decent ones out there this year so we should be ok signing one or two from the draft. The guys are good but Lynch isn't the speed demon he once was and McCree Manuel are interchangeable.

Grade: B+

     Prater can boom it. Practice will help his accuracy. Not much more need be said!

Grade: B/C

     Paulescue has a great leg! My hope is we never use it next yeas! All in all hes a decent punter

Grade: B

Not much else to say, we can shore up out Special Teams by shoring up the rest of the team. Thoughts?

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