Who Should get the Nod?

We now have a question before the MHR community, Who should Start at each position? With the 500 or so running backs and 350 receivers we have brought in, how do we cut it down to the guy that will be solid contributors? Good thing that this is Mike Shannahan's job and not mine, I figured I would go down the list and give you the break down of the 55 I think should be playing for this team. You can debate me in the comment section all day (that's what MHR is known for besides quality contribution) I just want to get the guy I think should make the roster up there for you all to see.



Jay Cutler

Patrick Ramsey

Cullen Finnerty

The first two are no brainers at this point. I see Finnerty edging out Hackney based on our Character model that coach is trying to build around the team.


Travis Henry

Michael Pittman

Selvin Young

Ryan Torain

Change out whoever you want, These guys are leaving camp in my opinion. I have been a fan of Mike Bell for a while, but the writing is on the wall for the kid as a running back.


Cecil Sapp

Peyton Hillis

Denver admitted to wanting a true fullback by drafting one. I think Sapp starts out but he will be the back up by the end of the season. Hillis runs like Griffith to me he sees the hole and runs to beat the RB there and block away.


Daniel Graham

Tony Sceffler

Nate Jackson

I think Jackson gets the nod over Mustard based on the fact that if we run any 3-TE sets this year the third TE will be focused on more catching than blocking.


Brandon Marshall

Brandon Stokely

Eddie Royal

Keary Colbert

Darrell Jackson

Sammie Parker

Here the competition is stiff and close. I think these guys make it out based on things said by Coach. Don't rule out one of these guys leaving too but these are the 6 i think stay


Ryan Clady

Tyler Polumbus

Erik Pears

Ryan Harris

Ben Hamilton

Chris Kuper

Montrae Holland

Dylan Gandy

Tom Nalen

Kory Lichtensteiger

Casey Wiegmann

This is a difficult list because I limited myself to 11 for the O Line. I think however these guys make our roster and are the productive members of the team on the line.


Elvis Dumervil

Jaravis Moss

Tim Crowder

Ebeneezer Ekuban/ John Engleberger

Here I have my first set of guys who you could trade out. Eeks and Engleberger are inter-changeable to me because they provide the same thing, mainly experience opposite Dumervil.


Marcus Thomas

Dewayne Robertson

Carlton Powell

Alvin McKinnley

I actually like our middle and what it looks like it could end up being. Thomas as the main guy with the other three rotating around him to provide the threat.


D.J. Williams

Boss Bailey

Niko Koutouvides

Spencer Larsen

Wesley Woodyard

Nate Webster

Jamie Winbourn

You could argue we just gave Louis Green a contract extension, but I just don't see him beating out these guys.


Champ Bailey

Dre Bly

Domonique Foxworth

Karl Paymah

Jack Williams

I think these are the guys I am most comfortable with to be honest.


John Lynch

Marquand Manuel

Marlon McCree

Josh Barrett

Hamza Abdullah

OK so I am a little off on these guys because if it came down to it I don't know which one I would cut. The rest of the class can go.


This one just seems off to me. I think Prater and Paulescue still come away with the jobs but this could be where I completely miff the picks.


TOTAL Roster Count: 56

Alright guys and gals rip it apart and tell me what you think!



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