Depth at DE - What are your thoughts?

Denver looks terrific at DE. We have several great options here, and this should be a fun position to talk about. I'm going to give my thoughts on how I expect the depth chart might pan out, but first, let's look at each player briefly.

Doom is so good he doesn't go by his own name anymore. He has been called a top ten DE already, and has been compared to Colt's pass rushing phenom Dwight Freeny. While considered short for his position, he has been a shining light in pass rushing for Denver. Doom is only 24 years old.

Moss had his season cut short by injury last year, but was a high draft pick by Denver. Many DEs take off in their second year, and Moss may do so as well. Like Doom, Moss is a pass rushing specialist. Moss is only 24 years old.

Ekuban is a run stuffer. He might be able to power his way in for a sack here and there, but his specialty is stopping anything from crossing the line of scrimmage.

Crowder is a special case. Fast and agile enough to play at DE, some believe he has the build to play at DT if need be. While I am not as high on him playing at DT, he is certainly a well rounded threat at DE. Crowder is only 23 years old.

Engleberger is Ekuban light, and a couple of years older.

Here's my thinking. Doom is the starter at R-DE hands down. (Remember, right and left is from the defense's view when discussing the defense). R-DE is the role for pass rushers (it is the blind side of most QB's), and Doom is the team's clear pass rushing favorite. I also think Moss is in the spot behind Doom as a rotational DE.

At L-DE I see Ekuban getting the start (like Moss, he is coming back from an injury). An older player, but the perfect player to slow the strong side runs and to add pressure to the TE and RT when pass rushing. I like Crowder as his rotational second. Engleberger will get plenty of chances as a spell L-DE, given that Ek and Crow are more likely to wear down than either Doom or Moss (who are younger and also have more cardio friendly builds as pass rushers).

In certain cases (like short or long yardage) these players can be moved around, but this depth chart for DE is my thinking for our base 4-3. What are your thoughts?

I expect Guru will be putting up his famous player by player, position by position breakdown of who is going to make the team or not. If so, expect more detail and a real treat of a series. For now, I see these five at DE as locks, and I see this being the depth they shake out into.

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