Running Backs - Help solve the mystery

Recently I did a FanPost about who the starters on the offensive line might be, and asked fellow members for their input. I'm going to continue my brief look at each position with the next depth chart mystery - A look at the RBs.

Sorry, no fancy diagram today. We're only looking at two positions (we'll include FBs in the discussion).

My projected starter is Henry. He led the League before his untimely injury last year, and he is the kind of power runner that is used to set up the speed runners and the pass game. He also has the support of Mike Shanahan for two strong "character reasons.

1. Shanahan was willing to take a fine to stand up for Henry during the false positive drug test fiasco. He believed in Henry, and Henry proved him right.

2. Henry was a class act, accepting a salary cut while fellow player Walker did the opposite by refusing the cut and defecting to the hated raiders.

After this pronouncement I admit to having little idea what Denver does. Denver has several ways they can go.

A) Keep in mind that UdFA Alridge and draft pick Torain "The Train" are perfect examples of late round or UdFAs that Denver brings in to become 1000 yard superstars.

B) Also keep in mind that Young and Hall are change up backs and won't carry a full load (that's Shanahan's view, and I agree with it). We had to use them after Henry's injuries, and they got hurt as a result.

C) Last, keep in mind that Henry (despite starting) will not be a lone starter. He will either have another back that shares carries (rotational), gives him a break here and there (spell), or comes in to take advantage of a battered defense (change-up).

As I see it, Henry gets the start and either Alridge or Train "rotate" with him for a one-two punch. Young and Hall are brought in for change-ups to kill a battered defense with speed (or perhaps Alridge). I predict Denver uses a combo of rotation and change-up, with little to no "spell".

What about the FBs? The big question is if new FB Hillis is really going to be used as a FB, or if he is yet another "diamond in the rough" RB for Denver. If he is to be a RB, bump him into the previous paragraphs where I discussed RBs!

But if he is to be a true FB, does he get the start or does he fight for a position with Sapp (who was given the seal of approval with an extension to his contract)? And where does this leave M. Bell? Did he really earn the fumblitis diagnosis fairly given how few carries he had last year and the timing of the key drop?

I'm really setting the table for everyone in MHRland. I don't have the answers here (but wait until we hit my beloved defense!) What I would like is your input. Who makes the cut, who gets cut, who starts, who rotates, who spells, who changes-up, who is in the FB chart?

I hope some of my thoughts are helpful guidelines, but don't feel constrained. Give me your thoughts on the positions, and any guidelines you would change!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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