Royal Mini-camp

   Its a nice feeling to have players wanting to be the best when they run a race.  I'm a little suprised that Samie Parker beat the youngster Alridge...but there it was.   Its a funny feeling to again have a team that seems to like each other. What a change from the last few years.

     Has anyone noticed Brandon Marshall's smile, did anyone notice that he is not taking any time off. How fun to have a player that wants to, " stay in town, continue working-out, and help community projects."  Brandon really made me mad a few months ago--what a loss--or so I thought. Now I see a star that could have watched from the sidelines--holding his arm--but he didn't. I really liked him last year after 102 I'm  beginning to love this fourth round pick.

     I think its fun, the news from mini-camp, the defense held their own, and sometimes outplayed the offense. I hope this is real. I think it is. Lynch gets his nose bonked, leaves for just a moment, and returns with his nostrils stuffed with TP to stop the bleeding. I bet he had many a young-player looking at him and thinking, "I must live up to this standard."     I hope they do.

     I love the Clady pick and he seems to be doing well. If you search the Fiesta Bowl you can see him play in the best college bowl game in history. This is not a bias because I graduated from Boise is simply the best college-bowl-game...ever...ever!

     Eddie Royal, my favorite pick this draft, a media favorite at the beginning of camp, seems to have dropped off the map. Is this a bad The only word of Royal this camp is, 'Character,' 'speed,' and 'great hands.'  We must realize that we have brought in some very good WR's that also want to play. Royal wil have a few great plays as a reciever this year and hopefully a couple TD's in returns.

     What's happening to this team?

     Selvin wants 2000 yards, can bench 360 lbs many times, and is bigger -stronger-faster than the Selvin we knew.....and that Selvin was good.

     Marcus Thomas says, "I had been out of football and was out of shape last year." He also loves Shanny for standing behind him. He now says that he is stonger, faster, and ready to show what he can do. Carlton Powell and Marcus are powers of the future.

     Jarvis Moss says, his leg is fine, I'm ready to go, and have a chip on my shoulder to prove my last year #1 pick. Haven't heard much from Jarvis...this may also be good...he may be working hard.

     I could go on with this through every player...but why?  Something has happened to our team that I really like. We have enough offense to stand with any.

     Crush!  What a funny word!       Orange Crush!        Maybe a thought.



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