Al Davis on verge of admitting his mistake!

Forget, for a moment, all of the things about raiders' (sic) owner Al Davis that you can't stand.  Setting aside his personal quirks and looking only at his work as the raiders de facto (micro) manager, we are mostly critical of his approach to team building.

In that vein, there are two criticisms.  One is that the raiders are doomed to failure because the team is built with rejects from other teams.  Davis thrives on the "bad guy" personae that the team is legend for, even to the extent that kickers must be criminals to make the team.  The other criticism is the money that Davis pays his players.  This is seen by many of the MHR faithful as a path to "Salary Cap Hell".

Comes now before the readership of MHR this delicious article (courtesy of Yahoo Sports) that has Darth Davis questioning his own strategy, and this year's strategy in particular.

Please read the entire article, but here are some hors douvres to whet your appetite:

Questions regarding the spending spree heightened last week after Walker was found unconscious following a brutal attack in Las Vegas. There were immediate concerns as to how long this could affect the Raiders on the field as Walker suffered facial injuries. However, the franchise announced a few days later that it expects the receiver to make a full recovery for the 2008 season.

Whether the organization can recover as a whole is a much bigger issue.

Three sources who have had conversations with the Oakland Raiders general managing partner within the past two months said Davis has expressed regret over the team’s offseason spending spree on players and worries about his ability to end the longest-running slump in team history.

I believe oakland (sic) has a chance of improving from their pathetic 4 win records of the last few years, but the cost to do so will be the sacrifice of most of their better players of a period of many years to repair the salay cap damage that they are headed towards.  Perhaps oakland does better this year and/or next, but the long term cost will be a continued existance in the basement of the NFL.

Ah, life is grand!  Now we only need to expect the occasional raider fan to come to the site to defend Al Davis (the indefensible) and to call the article posted by Yahoo either mis-informed, a "hit job" by the media, or yet another conspiracy.  Nothing negative about the raiders is allowed by fans of their team, who have not a drop of introspection left after years of failure.  Their lamentations are icing on the cake of Al Davis' doubts.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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