Ranking the Broncos at WR

Yes, hoosierteacher is having a slow day.  Four stories in under two hours.  Some of the staff is out of town on vacation, and I got an e-mail from Guru himself encouraging the staff to keep things moving.  Funny thing is, I got the mail in my "bulk mail", which I almost never check.  AHRGGGGGG!  It was a few days after Guru left.

Most of my work is original, so it's hard to come up with material on the spur of the moment.  So I decided to check other sites for ideas.  I couldn't write an original post and take credit for it if I took the idea from somewhere else.  My original stuff (that's long enough or good enough) goes to the front page, but the rest I put in posts.  I should have known there was a staff shortage when my story on Al Davis got promoted by Guru to the front.  So I'm sorry about the lack of original ideas, but here's some stuff at any rate.

So to make a long story short, I'm going to work on a front pager.  But for now, I'm getting a lot of good ideas from different sites and writing up a few posts so nothing goes to waste.  The latest?

How about WR rankings?  It's nice when the mainstream media (MSM) gets it right and gives the Broncos a little credit.  I think the 6th place ranking given here (Sporting News) is fair.  Still, I think that we have incredible depth, and a player with starting talent is going to get cut.  The article lists Jackson (an MHR favorite) as the starter opposite Marshall, but a lot has been written on just how great Colbert looks.  Either one could be the number two.  Marshall looks solid at #1, and Stokely is one of the best in the League (if not the best ) at slot.  Add in Parker and Martinez, and you've got a great corps.

If Marshall doesn't get in off field trouble, he is considered a top ten reciever by Rocky Mountain News, who reports:

"On the field, things are looking up. Marshall reportedly was catching passes one-handed with his surgically repaired arm and caught any variety of passes. The nerve damage doesn't appear to be lasting. Off the field, it's still a mystery if Marshall will be suspended. But when he plays, he's a top 10 wideout."

WR is one of a few positions that Denver fans have nothing to worry about (along with DE, TE, and CB.  HB is probably safe in depth as well).

At any rate, read the rankings from my link, and tell me what you think.

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