The song of A Quest

Those of you out there on the MHR must now dawn the day of the Quest and it official theme song. The quest is referring to the 2008 Denver Broncos season.  Which it has been named by our very own creator TheSportsGuru.   The Following past weeks on MHR radio a new feel was added to The Quest when Guru got me all fired up playing the Kenny Loggins song from the Movie Top Gun, "Highway To The Danger Zone". 

Here is the link

2008 official them song

Here is also another link to the other pumped up song from Top Gun

Eddie Van Halens Theme

This very song was appointed the official song of the 2008 Denver Broncos Season to go along with the Quest.

I usually don't write long stories on the site but i do love to make comments on the great stories on here. Occasionally i will post something from time to time like i am doing now.

But as for The Quest

In this quest one must ask himself do we have the character and ability on this team to take us where we all want us to go........Tampa!!!!! 

That i say to you is up only to the players and coaches of this team. With some help from the football gods.

In the long gruling painful season that is the NFL do we find ourselves within a playoff birth.  Do we find the heart and soul to bring eachother together for that very split second moment of greatness thats say "hey this team is not all bad and maybe, just maybe has an outside chance of greatness."

The dictionary defines a Quest as-a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something. But just what are we obtaining to find, a wildcard, an afc west title, an Afc Conference championship, or best of yet a Super Bowl Victory!!!! Which is like finding buried treasure for Indiana Jones.

Along the way of a Quest one will find heart breaks and losses and in BMarshes case maybe a suspension.  But one must not endure the loss and find it within eachother to have the heart to come together as one to keep the Quest moving forward to its ultimate goal.

I for one believe that along the quest we will see losses,  victories, but most importantly Denver Broncos football.  The roar of the 70,000 plus at Mile High cheering for the Touchdown pass by Jay or the last second field goal by an unknown kicker.  The INT by Bailey and Bly,  Sacks from Dum and Moss,  Hard hits by DJ, lynch and co.  But most importanly a team that comes together to prove they are not the scrappy untalented bunch most see them to be.   Most will predict them to fail,  But within this team i see a greater good of a team that will not give up and keep fighting until that clock runs out and the crowd cheers them as victors or maybe in the end even champions.


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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