Training Camp Day 3 A.M. Takes

Hi everyone,

Went to practice this morning.  it was a rip!

Scoped Ryan Clady carefully.  He really looks the part.  Saw him up close at the autograph session.  He was working against Doom and did not yield very much.  He really got out there on the running plays.  There was a play where he completely whiffed on Doom and Cutler had to unload that resulted in a pick by Champ Bailey, who ran it in for a touchdown.  The encouraging part was a few plays later when they were dong goalline, Clady paid Dumerville back with a rocking right hand to the grill!It was great to see Nalen and Hamilton on the field and looking healthy.  Kuper and Harris played with them on 1st.   Holland was seen only pushing the sled until well after the conclusion of practice before and a small crowd.  He looks good to me, but has a very, very noticeable pot belly!  Tyler Poluymbus played on the second team and he is quite imposing.

Brandon Marshall put a move on Justin Morton #25 and Cutler hit him beautifully for an 80 yard TD.   B-Marsh also made a fingertip grab, made other plays and definitely looks operational. Nothing to worry about there except the suspension.  Darrell Jackson is much taller than I imagined.  He looks like a mismatch waiting to happen, but they didn't throw him anything, so I can't tell you if he has hands. Stokley was in there too, but hard to read.  Eddie Royal looks smoot, looks stong, and didn't drop the couple of balls he had. Lorne Sam looks like a specimen, but a raw one. Martinez looks like skinny ol' Martinez. Parker and the others were pretty nondescript.  Numbers 10 and 84 dropped stuff left and right.

Grahm caught the same pass he dropped last year!  Scheffler looks awesome out there.

Pittman ran aggressively.  Had plays at fullback when Selvin Young was in. Ryan Torain got a ton of work with the second team, caught a few passes and otherwise looked like a competent healthy, serviceable back.   Aldridge was out there a lot and looked like a blur.  He got outside to both sidelines.

Did not see much of Jack Williams, but let me be the first to tell you he is really 5'6" like Quentin what was his name.  So until I see him in action, I can't say.

Defensive line-wise saw a lot of Peterson, Thomas, McKinley and Engleberger as a unit.  No sign of Robertson. I'm sorry to say it, but Moss still looks skinny and walks, but doesn't run, with a limp.  Doesn't look like he belongs.

Foxy had also had a pick for a TD which drew a large cheer.

Matt Prater looked like a stud on 45 yarders.  Half of them clanged off the tower and would have been good from 55 plus!  Calescieu got all the work as his holder

We'll that's it.  Look forward to seeing some of your posts from camp.  I'll be out there Saturday morning again.  Hope to meet see the Sports Guru and all of you too!


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