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Let's take a break from football Xs and Os for a moment and ponder what it is about football that we love.  For men in particular, it may be the primeval clash of armored troops that we see on each play.  It may be the scantily clad cheerleaders.  It may even be the food.

The food?  Think about it.  Something that lives deep down in us craves that fire cooked meat that our ancestors ate after a long hunt.  And tailgating seems to be the perfect fit for the environment that is football.  Get the guys together, open up the beer chest, watch the battle unfold, and EAT, EAT, EAT!

I haven't done it for awhile (it was hard on the wallet) but I used to host MNF parties at my place.  I would serve a food or drink based on each team's mascot, colors, or region.  Folks chipped in, but it was still a daunting task.  Below, I'll share some of the things I served.  I'm hoping to get your thoughts on improving the list.

(Lately I've just done the SB instead of MNF.  Lobster is my favorite food, but the Patriots are making me go broke!)

Read on...

AFC West

  1. Broncos - Screwdrivers and Blue Hawaiins (Blue and orange drinks)
  2. Chiefs - KC pit smoked ribs
  3. Chargers - Chicken Mole (prounounced Molay)
  4. raiders - not a damned thing

AFC South

  1. Colts - Pork Tenderloin (popular in Indiana)
  2. Jags - Duck Orange (oranges = Florida)
  3. Texans - Texas Barbeque Pulled Pork
  4. Titans - Whiskey

AFC North

  1. Steelers - Vennison
  2. Cincy - Chili
  3. Ravens - Crab
  4. Browns - Rouladen (German influence)

AFC East

  1. Patriots - Lobster
  2. Jets - Coney Dogs
  3. Dolphins - Swordfish Steaks
  4. Bills - Buffalo Wings

NFC West

  1. 49ers - Stir Fry
  2. Seahawks - Salmon
  3. Rams - St. Louis style Ribs
  4. Cardinals - Cornish Hens

NFC South

  1. Bucs - Scallops
  2. Falcons - Duck
  3. Panthers - either Dry Rub or Vinegar based BBQ Ribs
  4. Saints - Seafood Gumbo

NFC East

  1. Cowboys - T-Bone Steak
  2. Redskins - Apple Pie
  3. Giants - NY Strip Steak
  4. Eagles - Philly Cheese Steaks

NFC North

  1. Packers - Keg of Beer
  2. Vikings - Walleye Fillets
  3. Bears - Brauts
  4. Lions - Lowenbrau Beer (for the lion logo)

Sorry for skipping out on the Xs and Os, but Independence Day and the grilling made me hungry, and I just thought food was a big part of the game.  At any rate, whether you can get to a game, or tailgate at home before the game, those are some fun ideas if you like to cook as much as I do.

(Yes, when the hated raiders play you just get the cuisine for the other team.  lol)

So does anyone have any ideas on improvements?

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