How Did We Go 13-3?

What has it been 3 years since we were one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl and went 13-3? But I am looking back at it today and saying to myself how good we have it. When you think of our team I do not see any star power on our offense. Unless you count Jake Plummer and he was washed up.

I think that we should be proud of where we are today. We have a star of the future QB, one of the leagues best WRs, some great defensive backs, and a young d-line. Look at our roster from that year:


  • Quarterback: Jake Plummer and Bradlee Van Pelt

  • Runningbacks: Mike Anderson, Ron Dayne, Tatum Bell and Cecil Sapp

  • Fullbacks: Kyle Johnson

  • Wide Receivers: Ashley Lelie, Rod Smith, Darius Watts, Charlie Adams, Todd Devoe and David Terrell

  • Tight Ends: Jeb Putzier, Stephen Alexander, Nate Jackson and Wesley Dukes

  • Right Tackle: George Foster and Cornell Green

  • Right Guard: Ben Hamilton

  • Center: Tom Nalen

  • Left Guard: Cooper Carlisle, Chris Myers

  • Left Tackle: Matt Lepsis



  • Defensive Ends: Trevor Pryce, Courtney Brown, Ebenezer Ekuban and John Engleberger

  • Defensive Tackles: Gerrard Warren, Demetrin Veal and Michael Myers

  • Linebackers: Al Wilson, DJ Williams, Ian Gold, Keith Burns, Patrick Chukwurah and Louis Green

  • Cornerbacks: Champ Bailey, Darrent Williams, Domonique Foxworth, Karl Paymah and Roc Alexander

  • Free Safeties: John Lynch

  • Strong Safeties: Sam Brandon, Nick Ferguson


We could have a real good season this year. If you can name me one player on this offense at the level Brandon Marshall or Tony Scheffler is, I would be amazed. Half of these players are not even on a team let alone starting. Is Jake Plummer officially retired yet? I can only imagine what our team will be like. So where do we need to improve? 

I think that our running game will need to step it up a bit. I think we also know that we need to stop the run. Jay Cutler just needs to mature a bit and if Brandon Marshall is not suspended I think that we could go all the way to the playoffs this year.  Don't feel bad about your team! We are actually looking okay compared to that 13-3 season. But here is the ultimate question. Who would win in a football game? Our 2008 team or our 2005 team? That is by the way a serious question.


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