Jersey Numbers

A while back, I intended to write a blog about jersey numbers for my Myspace page, but then I realized that none of my friends use Myspace anymore and I hate Facebook, so I gave up on it. Yesterday I found the Word Document I had prepared for it, and I decided to go ahead and post it here. I think it may be a good break from all the injury reports and Brett Favre coverage, so without further ado, here is my jersey numbers write-up, edited for MHR

Edit: I forgot to mention that the Madden thing was originally for my friends and meant initially as an afterthought. I actually thought I had deleted it before it posted. So here's hoping I don't look too much like a dork when anyone reads this. :P

I guess I'm a numbers person. I love jersey numbers. I associate all my favorite players of any sport with their number. John Elway is #7, Albert Pujols is #5, Karl Mecklenberg is 77. Whenever I think of these players, their number, pasted on an orange or red canvas, is the first thing that comes to my mind. Any time the Broncos sign a new free agent or draft a new player, the first thing I look for is what number they picked. Whenever I draft players in Madden, the first thing I do is make sure that their number is up to my standard. I associate half the players on my football team by number alone, and I couldn't put a face to a name on most of the underclassmen.

In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, I have so many pet peeves with numbers and certain positions that you would have to call me crazy. I hate linebackers with numbers in the 90's (Boss Bailey). A QB wearing #1 is just silly to me. And every young QB who comes into the league wanting #7 or #12 instantly loses points with me. I mean, half the starting QB's in the league have those numbers. Show me some creativity for Pete's sake!

By far, my biggest peeve is wide receivers who wear numbers in the teens. That just makes me angry, so you can safely bet that the Broncos receiving corps has really pissed me off lately. Brandon Marshall needs to man up and take the first number in the 80's that comes available. Until then, he is not a #1 NFL receiver in my book. The list after him goes on and on. Keary Colbert - 13. Eddie Royal - 19. Brandon Stokley - 14. Samie Parker - 12. It just makes me mad! In fact, I think I'm the only varsity, heck, even JV, receiver on my whole team who willingly picked a number in the 80's this year. (I'm 87, after Eddie Mac.) And my team has 184 players on it!

Other than that, I love the Broncos number picking lately. They've gotten really original with numbers no one's had before. Quick, name a famous QB who wore #6 before Jay Cutler. (Bubby Brister doesn't count.) Selvin Young got very original with 35. But the biggest winner in my book is Ryan Torain. 42 is the awesomest possible number that a runnung back can pick. It just looks good on anyone. Baadladybronco, you should be proud to have a grandson so blessed with number-picking wisdom.

Besides Torain, my favorite number on the team belongs to eith Jarvis Moss (94) or Wesley Woodyard (59). 94 is like 42; I just think it's sweet. I don't know why, but 59 has really grown on me. In Madden, my best lineman always has to wear 59. Why? I have no idea. Like I said, maybe I'm just nuts. I would like to know, though, what everyone else's number is. I'm thinking of creating an all-MHR team in Madden, and I want to know who's what.

But mdierk, you don't get to pick. You're 59.

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